Picture It and Write: Tryst

by joetwo

Hello there! This is my offering for this weeks picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy!


Night had long fallen when Jenny left her room through the open window. It was a three-story drop but there were plenty of  ivy and trestles to climb down with. She moved as quietly as she could and regularly looked back at the house for lights or other signs that she was missed. When she passed the first hedgerow Jenny knew that she was in the clear.

The summer heat had yet to leave the air so she was perfectly warm in her silk robe. Her bare feet felt comfortable on the cleanly manicured lawns as she bounded across it. She felt free. Free and nervous, nervous for what she was about do.

The night-time air was unusually calm so the waters of the large pool had barely a ripple on its surface. The subsurface lights had all been turned off and the water was as black as the starless sky above. With one cursory look around Jenny disrobed, revealing her youthful form and dived into the water. She delighted in the feel of the warm water flowing around her body as she casually stroked her way through the stiffly resisting water to emerge at the other side. Her hair soaked, and rivulets of water running down her face.

It was then that Jenny realised that she was not alone. More a presence than anything else. She just felt something, make that someone, approach her from behind. A hand, a strong yet sensitive hand pressed against her cheek. It was him! After all her hoping and nerves he had come like he promised. She turned and looked into his eyes. He was kneeling at the poolside, still wearing his gardener’s overalls. His two arms wrapped around hers, pulling her out so they could kiss. It was long and passionate, the perfect greeting.

Jenny slipped herself out of his grip and swam to the centre of the pool. There she waited, beckoning him to join her. There was a another nervous glance and he started removing clothes, as rapidly and wildly as possible. Within seconds he was standing over the water, in all his sculpted glory, his manhood already showing signs of interest. Jenny grinned at him, commanding him with her eyes. Obeying, he dived in.

They swam towards each other and met in an underwater embrace. Hands explored each other through a blinding haze of bubbles finding each and every part of each other. They both surfaced and kissed even more passionately than before. Entwined they came again to the poolside. With one arm he held firmly to the side while the other held onto Jenny.

His hand touched her in every way. Her mouth quivered in ecstasy as  he found her most intimate places and brought them to life. Her hands were busy too, search him, playing his back, his neck, his chest, Her body writhed against his and her attentions went down, where his excitement was becoming ever more visible. She took it in her hands and together, gently, they joined as one.

Paroxysms of pleasure flowed through Jenny’s body as he thrust inside her. They moved in rhythm, each body synchronised with the other, building momentum, heightening passion. Water splashed around them as they worked themselves into a frenzy, getting faster and faster, the sensations building higher and higher. She closed her eyes, her whole body shuddering as she came closer and closer to climax until…until..

“Jenny!!! What are you doing?!” It was her father, with two of the servants from the house. He had gone, vanished without a trace. Even the clothes had disappeared. She was on her own in the water, confused and embarrassed trying to discreetly removed her hand from where it had just been. She didn’t, couldn’t, understand what had just happened.

It seems that her father was equally confused. He tried to look anywhere but at the pool while Jenny exited and put back on her robe. “We didn’t know where you were” he said sheepishly when she was finished “But we figured you would want to know as quickly as possible considering how well you knew him.”

Jenny looked confused, her father continued “Billy; the Gardener’s son. He was in an accident while driving back here from Louisville. He was hit by a drunk driver just before six O’Clock. His father said he had been pronounced dead at the scene.”

Waves of sadness and confusion passed over Jenny as she tried to digest the news. Tears refused to form though she wanted to grieve. Part of her refused to believe that what had just passed was not real, that he was already dead then. But.. It had been real.

Jenny shivered in her robe and her father wrapped her in a hug and his jacket and walked her back to the warmth of the house. All through the journey home her mind raced with thoughts of what had just happened. They had agreed, sworn to meet that night, at that pool and it was with that on his mind that Billy had raced to face his fate.

As she walked back through the gardens Jenny realised that what they had sworn was too powerful even for death. He had come to her, even if he couldn’t in body. What they had shared that night had been real and it had been special, even if it was not corporeal. Proof of passion after death.

She supposed she would be thankful for that.