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Six word stories 15/08/17

Finally swam alone, shark came calling.

The wedding rocked, the divorce too.

He took his own life, twice.

Never ignore a witch’s friendly warning.

Revenge, best served at her wedding.

Hide and seek master, never found.


Six word stories 061216

They need one guy, everyone declined.

Donated blood. It saved my life.

Ghosts in Attic. Best room-mates ever.

Had cockroach problem. Before spider problem.

Rat in bathroom. Eaten by spider.

“Just one bite” Vampires very persuasive.


The Wait

“I don’t think it was our end sir!” said the technician.

I looked out the window where the Line, our outpost’s wormhole to Earth, had been.

“Put me through to the crew” I said, looking further, trying to find the faint Sun of home, countless light years away, “Everyone needs to know.”


Written for the Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 challenge number 60.

Six Word Stories 100516

Thought dolphin. Ended up being shark.

Temperature’s up. No skiing this winter.

All told, the butler did it.

It was her true love. Chocolate.

Went out fishing. Caught a mermaid.

Heard whale song. In the desert.

Six Word Stories 18/04/16

Opened a Banana. Spiders poured out.

Rained for days. Zookeeper building boat.

Monster checks under bed for people.

The gig went well. Six died.

“Thought you’re getting fat.” You’re Pregnant.

Growhouse catches fire. Whole village giggling.

Six word Stories 13

He flew to her. She moved.

The assassin’s bullet, three seconds late.

Parrots in garden. Strange for Finland.

Inspecting old derelict mine. Earthquake hit.

Love at first sight. She’s blind.

She hated bitter tea. Poison wasted.

Six Word Stories 12

One word. Life changed forever. Cancer.

They planned for everything. Except that.

Romeo. Julliet. Wait a damn minute.

Said he’d die for her. Did.

The banks collapsed. World kept spinning.

“Come! Let’s go.” The noose beckoned.

Six word stories 11

“At least you love me.”…”Actually”

Eight men left, only seven returned.

Someone comes down chimney, not Santa.

Living is hard, Jumping is easy.

Test’s negative. His expression says volumes.

Relief exam’s over. “Here’s Part two!”

Six word stories 9

They said their vows then died
Strange lights in sky. World ending.
She said “no”. She regretted it.
Daughter late. Police at the door.
Lab explosion. Scientist survives. Curious powers.
Started at home. Ended in Rome.

Six Word Stories 8

Two shoppers. One dress. Sudden Death.

I Love her. She loathes me.

The horse lost. Became burger meat.

All toys are hers. Baby dictator.

Puppy-dog eyes. Instantly in love.

I came, danced, seduced the girl.