Stories from a Dublin Scientist

Category: Six word stories

Six Word Stories 8

Two shoppers. One dress. Sudden Death.

I Love her. She loathes me.

The horse lost. Became burger meat.

All toys are hers. Baby dictator.

Puppy-dog eyes. Instantly in love.

I came, danced, seduced the girl.


Six Word Stories: 7

“Negotiate maybe?” Swords drawn. “Perhaps not!”

Contractions start. Far too early. Despair.

She sleeps. Alarms sound. Doctors silent.

Fresh grave. “There’s her favourite teddy.”

Neither would leave first. Never divorced.

Eyes wide at miracle. Newborn baby.

Six Word Stories 6

New Package. Strange ticking. Slighty nervous.

Nuclear Waste. Little leak. Hello Godzilla.

Box Opens. Diamond ring. “I will!”

Fishermen’s tales. “That’s nothing!” Hook hand.

Drinking. “I’ll have one more” Ruined

Chemical spill. Explosions. Look closer. Eureka!

Six word stories 5

Condom rips. Panic ensues. New life.


No job, no future, flies off.


Barber slips, clippings fall. Shaved head.


Nun crosses street. Car revs menacingly.


 Lump on breast. Ignored till now.

Six Word Stories 4

Went to ballet. Fell asleep quickly.


Handled loaded gun. Forgot the safety.


Made budget, gave speech, packed bags.


Looked out window. Saw wing cracking.


Used 3D glasses. Ran from cinema.


It was like a storybook. Frankenstein.

Six word stories 3

I said yes. She said maybe.


Big crowd, one little bomb, massacre


Baby’s first cry, I’m her’s, forever


Time Travelled. Shot father. Wasn’t him.


We kissed slowly. Then she died.


Twenty years together. Ignorance is bliss.

Six Word Stories 2

Southern Belle, Black Man, Instant Scandal.


Stray dogs in pound. Must adopt.


Seek justice. Demand revenge. Find nothing.


I hit back. He fell, dead.


On plane. Man with gun. Hijack.


Bomb squad comes. Leaves in pieces.

Six word stories 1

I told he never. I lied.


Massive funeral. Such a tiny coffin.


Words fail me. Far too beautiful.


He said “I’ll make it!” Didn’t.


Looks down. Flash of steel. Gone.


Nine years work. One spark. Wasted.