Picture it and Write: Home Cooking

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, I don’t own the picture, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy.

Home cooking

His friends called it a mail-order marriage but in reality it was not. They had met online, corresponded over several years, and finally, when the vagaries of work and finance allowed they finally got to see each other. She was as beautiful as he imagined and somehow, she though he was alright to look at too. It was another year and much wrangling with immigration before she had come to live with him and he could finally ask the question. They married as soon as the law would allow but no one at that point could say they were rushing it. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. She had what had to be one of the oddest tastes in cooking that he had ever see. She made pancakes with cricket flour, squid omelets and her very favourite, stuffed baked cactus. He didn’t know what to make of that particular confection. It was a cactus, stuffed with meat, beans and shredded vegetables, steamed for over an hour. He remembered the first time it was placed in front of him. With a loop stuck into the side to ease handling, he still had difficulty shifting his hands around the spines that where still attached to the cactus. There was a trick she told him, to eating and with a little patience he was able to open up the cactus and take a bite of the food within.
It was delicious. Savoury with a hint of tartness from the cactus flesh, as nice as anything he had tasted. It was always a bit like that, he’d be presented with something new, be all nervous about it, then taste it and realise that it was the most delicious thing ever. I supposed that there was lesson to be learned about this, but he wasn’t really too bothered. He was just going to enjoy more home cooking.