Picture it and Write: By Her Face

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write by Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, it is a sculpture by Mark Newman, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy.

By Her Face

There was a knock on the door and Mark went to answer it. There he found Graeme, his oldest friend, waiting at the door, holding a bulging suitcase. “Ummm?” Mark asked.

“She kicked me out. Can I crash here for a spell? You know; while I try to work things out.”

“What happened?”

“Well… Do you remember the dream I had?”

“The one you obsessed over?”

“It wasn’t an obsession. I just kept on having the same dream over and over again.”

“That was just weird. What was it about it?”

“She came. I saw her.”

“You what? You saw her? You saw a figment of your imagination.”

“She wasn’t a figment. She was real. She is real. I told you I met her.”

“Bullshit! You’re kidding me.”

“Look!” Graeme took out his phone and showed a picture on it to Mark. True enough, there was an image of a woman posing. She was eerily familiar, it was uncanny.

Mark grabbed the phone and took it down to his sitting room. There, in pride of place, was the statue that Graeme had made ten years previously. Mark looked at the delicate features of the statue and the young woman who had taken part in the drawing class. “I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it. There must be an explanation.”

“There is,” Graeme said earnestly, “She is the one. The one who was prophesized.”

“Buddy. You know what I think about this.”

“Well explain this then.” Graeme pointed at his phone “It is exactly what the psychic said. “By her face you will know her.” I saw her face, both in my dreams a decade ago, and now, in the flesh.”

“I take it you told Susan about this.”

“Yeah! That is why she kicked me out. I just need to explain to her what I need from…”

“Need from her?” Mark snorted “Do you know what this looks like?”

“I’m not into her that way. This is just for guidance. To find my way.”

“Susan didn’t agree?”

“She went ballistic. She refuses to believe what I told her. She thinks the resemblance against that picture is only a coincidence. Not real.”

“She could be right? It is the only explanation that doesn’t require spooky mumbo jumbo.”

“You can see it. Mark! It is her. I can see it in your eyes. I know you can see it.”

Mark had to nod in agreement. “That doesn’t mean you have to track her down. Maybe you just met her before. She is very good looking. She could have stuck in your mind without you remembering consciously.”

“No No no! It can’t be that.” Graeme seemed more and more agitated. “She is real and I need to find her.”

Mark thought about this a second. Graeme had been his friend for years, they were almost like brothers. He knew that he was not going to back down on this. “Ok. What do you know about her.”

“The secretary of the club would know her name and may be able to give me her number if we ask nicely. We can say we are looking for a model for another project. He’ll believe that.”

“You’re mad. You do know that?”

“Thanks for your help. I really appreciate this. You’ll be able to help me make Susan see sense.”

Mark watched as his friend just dropped his suitcase in the hall and went back out of the door. “If you insist on calling it “seeing sense” you’re only going make things worse.”

“When we find this woman. My life is going to change. All for the better. You mark my words.”

Graeme was already halfway out the driveway. Mark had never seen him this excited. At least not since he had made the sculpture back inside. It was not a good sign.

Mark sighed. “By her face you will know her.” the old psychic had said.

All he knew is that she was trouble.