Stories from a Dublin Scientist

Month: May, 2015

This Room

This was the room where John grew up. Where he learned to walk, learned to talk and learned all of the skills you need to get through life. Like now to not rouse daddy when he had been drinking. Or how to hide when there was a fight. It was a way to get by.

This was the room where John first kissed Mary. He thought he loved her, thought she loved him. She was always over after all. She never wanted to be at her own house, her mother asked her to do vile things when she was there. He thought that if he worked hard, finally completed school he might have a chance to save her, maybe even himself too. It was worth a try.

This was the room where Mary finally said she was leaving. She said that the work she was offered may be unseemly but she was getting ten times the money John did. She no longer needed to stay with a loser like him. She was taking little Johnny too. That hurt the most.

This was the room where John opened an envelope and found that his whole world changed. That the code of T’s A’s G’s and C’s didn’t match that of the boy he thought his son and would never be allowed see again. John kept a bottle by his side all that night. It helped him sleep.

This was the room where the glass of the only window, a cheap piece of glazing, was nowhere near sufficient to stop the bullet passing through. A bullet already slowed by seven inches of bone and brain. It was weeks until they found John. No one seemed to care.



Written for the Grammar Ghoul mutant 750 challenge #32

I’ve got me a new book

Hi there! I’ve been busy over the long weekend, taking some of my favourite stories from here as well as a few other bits and bobs I have had wandering about into (Cue Drumroll!) my brand new book!

Drawn From the Aether

I’ve decided to go all fancy this time and it is a Hardback which should make it nice and durable.

For the time being you will be able to just get it here. But it should be available on Amazon and the like in the future.

Go ahead and buy it. You know you want to.

P.S. if you are looking for other ways to give me your money you can do it by looking at my books.