by joetwo

“Hey watch out!” Screamed Jake as he rode through the centre of the camp. He was on his latest toy, a camel, decked out in the coloured blankets and ribbons of the desert tribes who had set up camp a half mile down the valley from the university expedition.

“That’s It!” shouted Marcus, the expedition leader, “If anyone else brings back anything from the neighbours without my express permission. They will have to spoon the spoil back into the trench single-handedly.” He did a quick check over the precious equipment that was carefully laid out amongst the tents then went back to glare at the young research assistant who had the temerity to grin back at him.

“Ah! Don’t be like that.” Jake implored, “He won’t be any trouble.” he paused a second, bending over to look between the camel’s legs, “She won’t be any trouble.”

Marcus looked up to heaven, as if asking the gods of academia just why he had to put up with this. Not getting an adequate response, he sighed exasperatedly and looked back at Jake and the camel. “Fine! But you have to look after it and if it causes one problem, it and you are out of here.”

“Thanks boss!” Jake cheered, taking out a carrot he likely snatched from the kitchen and giving it to the slobbering beast, “You won’t regret this.”

Leaving the camel and the general hurl burly of the camp site behind him, Marcus walked a few score of meters to the twenty meter trench that his team had dug into the desert soil. They had spent weeks mapping the site with ground penetrating radar since the Egyptian park officials were accounting for every square meter that they were digging. So they were confident that this was the place were something interesting would show up.

So far however; nothing of interest had shown up, save for some shaped stones and tools. They were running out of money and time and Marcus was getting antsy. He wasn’t sure what he could do.

Suddenly there was a loud bellow from behind him followed by Jake shouting “Come on! Get back here!” Marcus looked back to find that the camel had run out of the camp site with Jake in hot pursuit. “Please stop!” Jake shouted brandishing a bushel of carrots in his hand. Marcus fought back the urge to laugh at Jake and instead shouted out “If it doesn’t want to stay you can’t force it! Come back here and do some work.”

Jake began to show down but then so did the camel, when stopped be started to paw at the ground with its hooves. Jake went over to grab it and looked down at what the camel was digging up. “Boss get over here!”

Marcus rushed over and looked at the depression that the camel had made, there was a figurine in it, almost intact, a very rare find, the making of the whole expedition. After all the thousands, spent on the latest technology it was the camel that did it.

Jake patted the camel’s side “Good girl” he whispered to it, “See boss! Not so useless after all!”

Marcus patted the camel too. “Jake.” He said “Those tribesmen over there. How many more camels do they have?”

This was meant to be for the Grammar Ghoul Press Challenge number 9 but I was late. Oh well!