Picture it and Write: Do Anything

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy!

Do Anything

It started, like many bad ideas, with a drink or ten down in the local pub. Graham had been feeling low and Marcus, Fred and Jimmy had been filling him full of drinks to take his mind off his problems.

Alcohol has a tendency to distort people’s train of thought and Graham’s particular neural gymnastics slowly switched from feeling sorry for himself to asserting just how brilliant he was. “Screw them!” He ended up saying. “I can do whatever I want to do!”

A can do attitude is a dangerous thing when there is enough alcohol in the blood to power a small car. Friends can usually rein it in but in this case Graham’s companions had been stoking the fires for too long to row back.
When the pub closed and the quartet were cast out into the darkness they were a powderkeg of slack inhibitions and elevated motivation.

“Let`s go get some women!!!”

“I want a kebab!!”

“Where’s the cops? I wanna a start a fight.”

“Let’s climb this wall!”

Unfortunately, women, police, even kebabs were not immediately apparent. Only the wall, over four meters high, was in front of them and with the sudden consensus of the drunk, announced.

“Fucking brilliant! We’ll give you a boost!

So with his friends pushing him, Graham managed to find a handhold and lever himself slowly up the wall. The wall looked old enough, it had many uneven stones that made climbing much easier. What was even better was that there was a slope going inwards that made the climb a lot easier. The top had a series of bars but they didn’t face out they faced inwards.

“Fucking amateurs!” Jimmy shouted “You can’t keep people out like that.”

Graham looked out over the wall. There was an oblong pool right beneath him.

“Ah Lads! There is a pool here. I’m going to go swimming!”

And he jumped, more fell in.

The water was cold and had the effect of shocking most of the drunk out of his system. Graham paddled to the side of the pool and emerged to a sudden realisation.

From the vantage of beneath the wall and even at its summit Graham did not recognise where he was. It was only now that he could tell. He was in the state zoo. In the polar bear exhibit.

Bears don’t give a jot about the cool of an urban night so they were outside the whole time and there they were, on their rocks, looking at him.

One of the bears shifted of its place and started to move towards Graham. He was terrified but he had enough alcohol left in his system to try what had to be the craziest idea he ever had.

Taking inspiration from a childhood of David Attenborough documentaries Graham puffed up his chest, spread his arms out wide and started to charge at the bear. Amazingly the bear stopped and just sat there. Even looking away sheepishly.

Here was were circumstances helped Graham. The bears in the zoo are usually only fed every third day and they had just been fed that afternoon. They were stuffed and as a result not to bothered with doing anything, let alone eating anything.

Thankfully; Graham’s shouts got the attention of one of the security guards who quickly raised the alarm and Graham was sent to spend the rest of the night in the cells.

He got nothing more than a misdemeanor and was released with a warning. But from that day on Graham did not need copious quantities of alcohol to feel better about himself. He may not remember much about that night but he remembered what was important. He had faced down a polar bear and lived.

If he could do that, he could truly do anything.