Picture it and Write: Gifts From the Sea

by joetwo

He there! This is my Offering for This week’s Picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy!

Gifts From The Sea

In West Coast of Hamdor, near the village of Greytown, the locals have a strange custom. Whenever there is a large storm at sea the stay awake, in each other’s houses and in the inns and public houses, drinking and singing until all hours. When asked about this strange custom they say that they are asking the gods for gifts from the sea and offering drinks and merriment in payment.

The next morning, after the storm had abate, and though usually all severely hungover, the entire population makes their way down to the long, sandy beach in swimming clothes and beach wear. Some of them walk along a beach collecting up any wood or other pieces of debris that has been washed up in the night. Others wade out into the water looking for anything that may be floating and sea creature that had been disorientated and rendered vulnerable by the storm.

Most times, the beach combers use the wood they find to light fires on which they cook any seafood the swimmers find, and everyone thanks the gods for the gifts the storm has brought.

Often enough however, there is a ship caught in the storm, and with the violence of the waves, it is wrought asunder, and its cargo splits into the sea.The next morning, the denizens of Greytown will find the beach and waves littered with all kinds of valuable goods and equipment. They make short work of whatever is there, Greytown’s economy it appears is made on such misfortune, they trade these cut-priced wares throughout Hamdor. 

The bodies of missing sailors are often found there too. They are treated with reverence, buried in special plots of unknown unfortunates, and toasts said in their honour in the evening barbecue on the beach.

These niceties are required it is said for they keep the gods happy and it is through the grace of the gods that storms happen. Without them, the people of Greytown would have very much less than they do now, for the gifts from the sea would no longer come, and a unique part of the world, though built on sorrow yet good it its own way would no longer be,