Picture it and write: Leavings

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy.


Contrary to many popular beliefs, when the gods curse you the curse is eternal, lasting forever, as do you, in your misery for all time.

This is what happened to Medusa. She was once a mortal woman, possessing such beauty that Poseidon took her in the temple of Athena. Outraged by this grave sacrilege, the goddess transformed the maiden into a monster so horrible that to look upon her was to turn a man to stone. With her once beautiful hair was changed to venomous snakes, and unable to look again on any man, Medusa was forced to hide away, where no wise man would dare to look.

Of course, there are many men who are not that wise in the world and a lot of them decided to try their luck against the horrible gorgon and they all ended up as life-like statues in Medusa’s backyard. She developed a reputation for being unbeatable and for that reason there was almost a steady stream of would be heroes who beat a track to her door and who all met the same fate.

That was until Perseus came along who, with a little help from the gods, managed to cut poor Medusa’s head off and take it away with him to have a little fun. But that was not the end of her tale.

For you see; Medusa was cursed forever, and though her body was vulnerable to swords and the like, it did not die, and in the end when Perseus was done playing with her head and handed it to Athena. The Goddess brought it back to Medusa who stuck it back on without difficulty.

Needless to say; with Perseus claiming the credit for her demise the queue of heroes quickly dried up. But that was ok. Medusa only wanted to be alone anyway. And save for the occasional unlucky lost traveler, few met their fate by her face.

Time passed and even Athena in her vengeance mellowed a bit, she provided Medusa with magic enough to conceal her true features amongst the world of men. She was able to rejoin society, in a fashion, and live like she once had. But a curse is still a curse and a Goddess’ vengeance is never fully spent.

Whenever Medusa, got emotional, angry, scared, or most tragically, filled with passion, the magic could no longer hide her true form. Many an impassioned suitor ended up a shocked statue,  as did burglars, jealous neighbours and one particularly insistent Jehovah’s Witness. Medusa, though protected from assault by heroes, was left truly alone in life, more truly cursed than ever.

And she also had to deal with the leavings. Even in this logical modern age, people would ask questions if they saw a new life-like statue of their neighbour in the backyard the very day they went missing. Medusa got good at burying them, fast and effectively. And should a given piece of ground, the immortal never get too attached to property, she would just move on.

So; if you are out digging a patio one Summer’s day and you happen to find buried in the Earth a statue of unparalleled accuracy. Do not be troubled. Just know that a woman of great misfortune had once lived there. A woman who through no fault of her own joined that most hopeless fraternity.

Those cursed by the Gods.