Picture it and Write: Branded

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. There is a new publication for picture it and write that is available on Amazon here. Myself and another 22 authors are involved. If you like this buy that. Anyway, Enjoy!


Men of my station are expected to never have to speak to a woman on any occasion outside of the sanctum of our homes. This is good and proper and essential to the smooth running of any society. But of course this can lead to certain difficulties and when communication is needed we have developed often quite ingenious methods of imparting that information both efficiently and effectively.

Take for example the frightfully indelicate matter of purchasing the services of a courtesan for the night, an unseemly part of our society but none the less, essential, there are things that never should be asked of a wife. No man may work in their abodes so one cannot simply ask the proprietor which girl performs what service. Of course, experienced guests know who is who quite quickly and can select a favourite provided she is not otherwise engaged. But something is needed for the newcomer, the boy at majority, or something for the many new ahem.. Ladies that join in service.

It is for this purpose that the courtesans wear, apart from their white robes, a specific colour of lipstick. It is through these colours that a customer can tell at a glance what he can expect from each girl.

Those with full red lips are the seductresses. Women of uncommon performance in coitus. Capable of bringing a man to the brink of ecstasy and keeping him there for as long as he can bare. Those with blue lipstick are of a more specialised nature. Skilled in the art of administering pain for pleasure they are prized amongst their discerning clientele. Those with yellow, though not particularly skilled in the bed, have uncommon ability with voice and lyre and can calm the nerves of any man with the softest music. And the list goes on.

The rarest, and most prized, are those who wear the black and white symbol of balance on their lips. These girls have the singular ability to perform as any of the others coupled with a skilled empathy for the needs of her client. Depending his mood the same girl can provide a wild release of need of the softest of kind embraces. She can be whomever you wish her to be.

Needless to say such courtesans are highly in demand. Their rarity, only a handful are trained each generation, gives them a high price, both in coin and in risk, many a gentleman has lost an ear or more over the right to join one in her bed.

But regardless of the brand on the lips the outcome is the same. The man get his night, or less, and then returns to wife and home. A need fulfilled so duties may be performed. Another fine example of how we have made a society that works.