The First Step

by joetwo

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Fred was not sure exactly were he had heard that quote before but he knew, as he watched the bridge shatter and flow away in the flash flood, that the mountain may have something to say about it. His jeep, the tent, all the food, everything he would need to survive was gone, washed away. The only sign of its former presence some cracked asphalt and girders like lonely sentinels.

Fred thought for a second about just giving up, about waiting there for whatever the fates may bring. But he thought again about those words swimming around his head, about how it is rather ridding the will to give up from our heads, to keep going, to get through or to die trying.

With that a new sense of purpose filled Fred. He was going to survive, he was going to make it back, no supplies be damned. He was going to tell this story for years to come.

And then he made the first step.


Written for Light and Shade Challenge the second of June 2014.