Picture it and Write: Long Night

by joetwo

Hi there. This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write, from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy!

Long Night

There was a reddish hue on the ground when Galiph opened the door to his small cabin. Looking up he saw Ares, the larger of the two moons, blood red and low in the sky. It was a sight that he never got used to.

It was only a matter of orbital mechanics, of course. Ares wasn’t red itself, the colour was from the light reflected from the red dwarf star, named Ember by the colonists, that was the primary for their new home, Janus. That red sun never showed it’s face there however. Janus was tidally locked around ember and Galiph and the rest of his community lived on the far side, in perpetual Ember-Night.

But that was of little concern. For Ember orbited a much brighter, larger star called Flare. In its forty standard day  revolution around Ember, their world was exposed to the much greater light and heat of Flare in a cycle they had come to call the Long Day. It was so different from home. But people could adapt to anything.

Flare had set only a few hours previously and Galiph had invited some friends over to celebrate Flare-Set with a couple of drinks. Like him, they were fishermen, making use of the fruits of the Long Day. Most people lived on the light-side in perpetual summer, but there was money to be made here provided you could cope.

“Will you look at that!” Breathed Jasal, ship’s captain and Galiph’s closest friend. “That’s an ominous sign if I ever saw one” He had come out to see what Galiph was looking at.

Galiph looked at his friend. “What do you think it means?” He asked.

“It means you should close that door and help me get this fire lit. We’re freezing in here!”

Jasal was right. The temperature was already starting to drop. From the almost tropical heat of high-noon the night would plummet to below freezing. Day was the time for action, the time to sail the seas and tend to the outside. Night was spent inside. Inside homes and inside thoughts.

Galiph nodded with a smirk and took one more look out the door. Ares, he knew was soon to be joined by Vulcan, it’s smaller companion. Still under the light of Flare it would drown out this ruddy hue in it’s own ghostly brilliance. Brighter but still cold and unforgiving. 

That was of little concern to Galiph however as he closed the door to rejoin his friends and the warmth in his home. The Long Night had fallen, it was time to be inside.