Picture it and Write: The Lord’s Clock

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again; the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy!

The Lord’s Clock:

While very few of the rulers in my country’s tragic history could be considered “Good” the very worst of them would have to Lord Pavel The Cruel. He wasn’t just cruel, he was purely sadistic.

Lord Pavel’s cruelty had many forms, from the butchering of his parents to the public disemboweling of his opponents but by far the most visible form of his sadism had to be the clock in the great hall.

It had a huge face, twenty feet across that hung high up amongst the eaves of the hall. To see the time anywhere in the hall all you had to do was look up. But that wasn’t all for the clock  face was also the elaborate bottom of a giant cage with gold-lined bars that held Lord Pavel’s prize flock of vultures.

The workings of the clock were not in fact behind the face or even in the cage for that matter, they were high up in the tower above the hall. The great clockwork mechanism controlled a series of blades that would cut into some unfortunate causing a piece of him, or her, to fall down a chute and into the cage. It was that impact of a piece of human flesh and the vultures feeding that moved the hands of the clock and showed the time to those below.

Nobody had any illusions about the nature of the clock. Lord Pavel’s men had gotten very good at taking pieces off men without killing them. There were a series of vents in the castle that insured that the screams of the victim would be broadcast to everyone so the would know the clock was turning.

At times; Lord Pavel’s men had to be ingenious to find enough to keep the clock running, many small-time criminals or unfortunate innocents met their ends in the tower.

But the madness could not last forever. Offended by a child playing in a local village one morning Lord Pavel ordered her whole family captured and sent to the clock. Unfortunately for him the Child’s father was a childhood friend of the head of the palace guard and that was the last of a very long list of straws and Lord Pavel ended up feeding the clock that evening.

They set the clock to work at the slowest speed, he took hours to die but when he did and the vultures had feasted on what had remained, the birds were released and the clock left to stand at the final time it had held, half eight, right up to this very day. A reminder to all that if you treat others with cruelty, that cruelty will come back to you in the end.