Picture it and Write: The Father of the Nation

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again the picture is not mine I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy.

The Father of the Nation

Jack was disorientated as he climbed the ladder into the dazzling sunlight. The last thirty minutes had been hectic, with constant failure alarms and the sickening sight of his platoonmates decaying in their sleep-pods. He was disorientated and not entirely sure where he was. He had to find help.

He must have walked for at least twenty minutes before he found the farmhouse. He was exhausted but he was able to see a small child, a girl, playing in the garden and it gave him new-found strength. He staggered into the asked the girl “help me”.

She looked at him and her face turned from one of confusion to one of abject terror. She screamed and ran inside. Jack couldn’t follow, he was so tired that he collapsed onto the grass.

He woke with a blanket covering his body. He looked around but there was no movement except for a twitch in the curtains of the window. He didn’t know how long he had been out but he could see something in the distance. It was a black speck that expanded into a helicopter that landed in the field beside the house. Three soldiers came out and manhandled him without a word into the chopper and it rose back into the air.

They landed a short time later on a large base that was a hive of activity. Jack was bundled out and quickly thrown into a covered truck. They were well covered but he could see out. He saw hundreds of people out there but something troubled him. They were all women. In fact even the soldiers in the helicopter were all women. Where were the men?

The truck stopped and he was lead into what looked like a hospital. He passed ward after ward filled with female patients. The stopped at a door with restricted signs all over it. The door was opened and one of Jack’s guards pointed at a chair in the center of the darkened room. He walked over and sat down.

A door on the other side almost immediately opened and two women came through. One was a nurse who efficiently lifted Jack’s sleeve and took a blood sample. The other stayed quiet while the first worked. Jack had seen his fair share of important people and he knew that this one was in charge. The nurse hurried off quickly and the second woman started to speak.

“In case you are as dense I’d remembered men being I trust you’ve noticed the change in gender balance out there.” Jack thought for a second “There are really no men here?” He asked.

The woman smiled “Not here, not anywhere. Apart from you the last man I saw must have been a good… Twenty years ago and he was in a lot worse shape than you. It was a virus. Manmade, we think. Wiped you all out as far as we know. But we suspected that some of you might be hiding somewhere.”

Jack’s mind was so filled with possibilities that he saw no need in hiding any of his clandestine work “Project Iceman” He volunteered “Based out of Fort Braxton”

“Thanks!” She smiled again; she was really quite attractive. “We’ll check the records and maybe send a few girls to check it out. But what will we do with you?”

Jack was getting increasingly excited. He mind was filled with thoughts more at home in the mind of a thirteen year old. The woman continued to speak. “Obviously, the loss of men has presented some difficulties with regards to the perpetuation of the species. Thankfully there are vast reserves in sperm banks and our biotechnology has exploded in recent decades with us being able to use it more effectively than ever and to even bypass it completely with cloning and egg-melding and the like. But still; we could use a fresh supply, some fresh blood, if you will.”

“I only want to do my part.” Jack said, his face a wide, boyish grin. “I’m glad of that.” The woman grinned back. There was a buzz and she checked her cellphone . She made a resigned shrug. “We have no time to waste.”

As if from nowhere six hands grabbed jack from behind and held him in place on the chair. They might have been women’s and in some cases sporting perfect manicures and painted nails; but they were toned and athletic and Jack’s freshly revived body could not break free. The woman signalled and a number of doctors and nurses in full scrubs entered the room. They were pushed a cart with an array of specimen holders and a selection of mean-looking surgical devices.

“I wish you could help us the old fashioned way, I really do.” The woman said, she held her cellphone close to Jack’s face “But our tests show that the virus is already in your system and it is only a matter of time before there is nothing of you that is usable.”

It was only when one of the nurses had removed his trousers and shaved off his pubic hair that he realized what they were doing. He tried struggling more but it was no good, there was a sharp pinch and he started to feel numb.

“Look at the bright side. If this works and we save the germ cells then you will become the father to the whole nation, maybe even the whole world… Pity you won’t see it.”

Jack barely felt the scalpel go in.