Uncle Bob’s Will

by joetwo

My Uncle Bob was rich, really rich, the kind of money that even if it couldn’t buy happiness, could certainly rent it. He lived in a mansion on his own but was never alone. His money brought a particular type of friend, though a better word would be companion. They were always there, eating, helping themselves to the bar, trying out the distractions Uncle Bob’s had to offer. My Uncle never bothered with them, saying they “Keep me company”.

Uncle Bob was alone. He had no family other than myself and we were never that close. He never had a relationship that lasted more than a few days. He spent his first decades amassing his fortune. With no one close to spend it with his ‘friends’ were as good as ever.

As Bob grew older. His friends made a show of how often they visited. They insisted on helping around the house. Their amateurish attempts at housework were more of a hindrance than a help. Uncle Bob often laughed at the ensuing hijinks during my occasional visits.

Uncle Bob got sick quickly and passed without much pain. I attended the funeral with my family, we were seated amongst all of my uncle’s friends, each trying to cry louder than the next.

At the reading of the will, I could barely fit in with all of the friends waiting expectantly.

It was a video will. It was odd to see Uncle Bob on the screen talking. He left some family keep-sakes to me and I was happy enough with that.

Then the money. You could feel the crowd leaning forward. His assets; totalling an estimated twelve million were left… To the dog’s home.

You could hear a pin drop. Uncle Bob started talking.

“My friends. You spent so much time with me, that you devoted to me. But I know you never did it for anything else other than the good of your hearts. Thank you!”

I never saw any of them again.


Written for Trifecta Week one hundred and Four