Picture it and Write: A Tear

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write for Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine I only use if for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!

A Tear

Martin couldn’t cry. No matter how sad he was, no matter how great the pain, he just could not bring tears to his eyes to show it. Doctors looked him over yet couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They told him to just get on with life without it.

He met Allison near the end of his twentieth year. She was perfect for him, full of empathy and kindness and so understanding.  It was love by the end of the first conversation.

After a year they married and shortly thereafter came the good news that Allison was expecting.

They had everything planned but sometimes Fate has other ideas. At seven months there was a late night panic and a rush to the hospital but it came far too late.

As others rushed to comfort him the tears would still not come. As his heart broke into a million pieces and scattered to the four winds, the tears would not come. People would stare at him, expectantly, yet still the tears did not come.

It was only at the funeral, his family bearing Allison’s coffin, Martin following holding a tiny one for his little boy that he felt a wetness on his eye and a single drop trickle down his cheek. Those who didn’t know Martin nodded sympathetically, those who did were aghast at his unprecedented display of grief.

They say the tear was so filled with despair that it burned a mark on Martin’s skin. It is there to this very day many years on. He has yet to cry again and those who know him, those who truly care about him, hope he never has cause to.