Picture it and Write: The Next Step

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again; the picture is not mine, it is by Benoit Courti, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, Enjoy!

The Next Step:

“I’m just saying that you can’t predict how the next phase of human evolution will turn out, the process is inherently unpredictable so dependent on chance and circumstance. What may seem likely may never come to pass. I doubt if you reran the whole process again you would get the same result this time round.”

Professor Wilson maintained the composure that had terrified so many debating opponents over the years. “I am aware of the ‘Just History’ concept but I counter that we can theorise with some degree of success how things will turn out in the near-term if we know the environmental conditions. After all there are only so many ways that nature can turn out. Take for example a fish moving from open water to mangrove swamp. It is likely that it will reduce in size or become more more flexible to navigate through all those branches.”

“But people are not fish” Countered Dr Smith “They are far more complicated. We for example can change our environment to suit ourselves. That should make the whole process all random; shouldn’t it?”

Wilson took three dice out of his pocket and placed his afternoon coffee down. “Is it that random though? How much control do we really have over all this. Even now who here can tell you exactly how everything around us works hmm? And that will only get worse in the future. Sure you will be able to make cosmetic changes to our environment but it’s base nature, it’s fundamental base will be as beyond our control as a mangrove forest will be to a fish.

“To live in this new world will require us to be smarter, to think beyond the present and adapt in synchrony with our changing surroundings. We may even need new methods of perceiving and manipulating what is around us in order to cope.”

Smith raised a hand. “What are you talking about; some form of E.S.P., mind moving matter? You know that is all a load of nonsense!”

Wilson shrugged and started to play with the dice, “You can never imagine what kind of latent powers our future selves will have in their possession.” He threw them into the air. The three dice reached the top of their trajectory and slowed to a stop, hanging suspended in mid-air.

Wilson grinned at a shocked Smith, “For all we know nature has already started to experiment.”