Picture it and Write: Hunted

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again; the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


“Come on! We can make it!”

Shane pulled the visibly exhausted Sharon back on her feet imploring her to keep running. She somehow kept moving, the two the them weaving amongst the trees, their soles gingerly finding footing in the deep moss. Even though it was still cool in the morning air their naked bodies were covered in sweat from unaccustomed exertion. Shane knew that if they could only make it to the base of the cliff, less than a mile away, then everything would be alright. It wouldn’t be easy, their pursuers where everywhere. And if they were caught… the less said the better.

“I can’t make it Shane!” Sharon called from behind. “I just can’t! Go on ahead without me!”

Shane turned back “Like Hell I will! We got into this together, we’ll get out of it together!”

On those last words something whizzed past Shane’s head. He didn’t need a second thought to know what it was. “Move!” He screamed, “Get out now!”

He started to run but there was a scream from behind him he twisted back to see Sharon fall, a red mist exploding from her back. Almost at once, he felt something hit him, the pain was incredible. He dropped to his knees, his vision gone blurry. Through the haze he saw a figure come out of the undergrowth. Concentrating he made it out to a man in combat clothes. A mask over his face. He removed his mask revealing a merciless grin.

“Sorry about that!” The man chuckled.

“You bastard!” Shane whimpered, his hands clutching his genitals where the paintball had hit. “You fucking bastard!”

“Listen sunshine!” The man bent down in front of the prostrate Shane “This was your idea! You and GI Jane over there” He nodded at Sharon, whose own swearing was muffled by the moss her face was lying in.

The man said more but Shane didn’t listen. The pain from his crotch was too much. The only thought that broke through was the oath, the solemn oath, that he would never, ever, make bets while drunk again.