Doctor Joe: Agony Uncle 19

by joetwo

Doctor Joe: Agony Uncle; Upfront and honest*

Dear Agony Uncle,

How do I deal with my fears? Sometimes, for no reason I become afraid, tensed or depressed. Little personal and professional problems bother me. It seems everyone is judging me or I’m going to fail in everything that I do.


Dear Anonymous,

Fear is one of those constants in life, we all seem to get scared from time to time. It’s perfectly natural. What can be an issue with fear is if it is appropriate. For example being scared about cliff diving, a wild aggressive dog, or during that tense moment before the arresting office puts the beat-down on you. On the other hand you really shouldn’t be scared of rabbits, rainbows or squirrels… On second thoughts; squirrels do look very shady, looking right at you while they’re eating away. It can be very disconcerting now that you mention it. And the little shits are everywhere. Oh god!!!!

Squirrels aside; living in fear can be a major cause of the tension and stress that plague many of us in life. It can be so bad for some that it can leave them in a malaise. But fear can be controlled. Yes it can! Fear can be lessened and even nullified by a strong sense of perspective. If; take an example from my experience, you are up before the bench for yet again another indecent exposure charge. You might fear how the judge might treat you. But remember; no matter how angry they get at you, they are constrained by the law, and can only offer a limited maximum sentence, a fine, more community service and a measly fifty extra meters on the restraining order. Not that bad at all really. Keeping that in my mind kept my fear in check allowing me to let it all hang loose with wild abandon.

This the attitude you have to take. So what if you fail? Will something bad happen? Will it instead be just another event of non-importance for everyone else except you. Failure may even be a good thing in certain circumstances. It can teach us all a lesson, it can define your capabilities and it can make us strive to work harder. Not to mention; if you develop a reputation for failure, how much better, how much worthy of note, how much deserving of a raise or a tryst with that hottie in accounts would you be if you break your own mould compared to those who are perfect all the time? Think about it!

Anonymous; fear can be a great motivator in many situations. It can help us survive. But in a situation where there is nothing to do, where life will go on regardless, where perhaps only the slightest of social barriers may be ruffled, these are the times when you can take your fear to one side, drop your trousers with pride and waddle your way to a whole new life.

The very best of luck.
Doctor Joe

P.S.If anyone happens to know a good method or service for exterminating squirrels that would be appreciated.

* Editor’s note: He admits he’s a crook right from the get-go.

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