by joetwo

My fellow countrymen,

I the course of this war we have taken many a big risk, gambled often for victory and I regret to inform you that, this time, we have lost. Our evil, insidious enemy has cost us dearly, many of our sons will not be coming home.

But we remain.

And I guarantee that while we stand, as long as we band together as one, we will never be defeated. From our brave boys at the front to the men and women toiling in the fields and factories we are one nation, stronger than ever and there is nothing that we can’t do.

Our enemies may have won this day. But I swear to you; our loss will be avenged.

We’ll strike back with such righteous fury that those villains will be scarred for generations to come. Their children’s children will be told stories of what we did to scare them in the middle of the night, their nightmares will sound to the march of our boots. My fellow countrymen, they will rue the day they ever took arms against us.

But, alas, this will be for later. For now, we must rebuild, we must prepare. Each and every one of you must take their fair share of the burden. You must grab with both hands the rifle or the shovel with which we will secure our eventual victory. We must not flag, we must not tire, we must work every day and night until victory is finally achieved.

I have heard that some people may have expressed doubts about our course, some people suggest that we would be better pursuing an avenue of peace, one of conciliation with the enemy.

Well let me tell you; I love peace, we all do. But I will only accept peace in the surrender of the enemy and our victory. I anyone who says any different is no better than our treacherous foe.

We may have been defeated my friends

But we’ll have vengeance.


Written for Trifecta week eighty-eight.