by joetwo

The coronation of the new emperor was a roaring success, the partying throughout the land continued well into the night and it was quite close to dawn when Boris III staggered, very inebriated back towards the royal apartments. Losing his balance he knocked against a table and caused a vase, a very expensive gift from a distant cousin and ally, to fall to the ground. The emperor lifted it back up to inspect it and thankfully it was not damaged except for a thin crack on the neck. He placed it back assuming that no one would notice and continued his stagger to bed.

The thing is; a great number of the nobles and upperclasses in the empire make it their business to know the tiniest minutΓ© of the imperial household. Word quickly spread that he was adding cracks to the porcelain. Others got the idea that if it was good enough for the emperor than it was good enough for them.

For a few days, the sound of crockery being dropped could be heard around the town. Many a priceless antique was lost to this merciless trend before people sought a better way.

The craftsmen were only too willing help, for a fee of course. Using special tools they took people’s vases and etched in the finest scars onto their surface. They even developed the knack of adding cracks when firing. Pre-cracked was the new black.

Those who couldn’t afford to have their porcelain broken tried other methods to keep with the fashion. A new market in second-hand broken wares began to grow. Reports were heard of people paying good money for a cracked vase only to find the cracks had been painted on.

The emperor never said anything; he didn’t have to, everyone knew he was touched by his people trying to emulate him. Everybody was happy.

That was of course until the emperor fell asleep with a lit cigarette and burned out his bedroom.

After that things really got strange.

Written for trifecta week eighty-six