Picture it and Write: Order

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again; the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway Enjoy!


Jan came into the movement while it was still small. It was then just a few disaffected people talking in the pub, nothing coherent or really organised, just a group of people who cared.

As the corruption and incompetence grew so did the movement. Some members with charisma started to act as de facto leaders spreading the movements message out into the general population. They did not preach dogma, the stifling hand of ideology, but rather a call for action. The call resonated with many and many joined up, eager for something to make a difference.

At last, after many years it had come to this. Across the square from government buildings stood a heaving crowd. Twenty thousand people with as many ideas for the nation united in the belief that nothing would be better while those in power where still there.

In front of them stood a thin line of blue, less than a thousand police, riot shield and helmet menacingly on display, the lurking presence of tear gas and water cannon behind them. Severely outnumbered; their presence had kept the crowd at bay, made them keep their distance, for a while. But things were starting to stir.

Something happened. Jan saw one lone figure emerge from the crowd and start running towards the police. It was a young man, grubby and wearing a scarf over his face. In his right hand he held a bottle, burning rags emerging from the end. He pulled his arm back ready throw. The crowds eyes all fell on this loan warrior. Jan knew he had to act.

There was a shot. The young man fell in a cloud of crimson. The bottle fell to his side, breaking open and dousing the prostrate body in flame. The rest of the crowd was silent; stunned by what they had just seen. Some in the back started to run away, the runner’s end too final for them.

Jan shifted the stock of the rifle against his blue police uniform. He believed in many of their goals; knew a lot of them personally. But he had an oath to uphold. He was there to maintain order; nothing would get in the way of that.