New Money

by joetwo

“Evening Fairfax!”

“Evening Smithy! What brings you up to the bar? Coffee machine broken?”

“No no! My dear Fairfax. Tonight I am seeking refuge with you and your fellow alcoholics!”

“Has Collins started singing again?”

“Perhaps not that bad! But it is very close Fairfax, we have a new member.”

“A new member in the club?! We already added a new member. When was it?.. Two years ago! If we go on this rate the place will be too full! What the devil were they thinking!”

“That is the very thing Fairfax! I fear they may have been thinking with their pocket-books”

“You don’t mean?”

“Yes! I fear it may be new money”

“Good God Man Are you sure?”

“Quite Fairfax! All the signs are there! He was talking to the servants!”

“Maybe he was giving very specific orders?”

“No! I heard him distinctly. He was asking them how they were.”

“How barbaric! They would never have tolerated in my day. Anything else?”

“He was also inquiring about bringing a lady-friend.”

“The nerve! I hope Johnston told him where to go with himself!”

“Johnston informed him of the rules. But I fear a spot of bribery may be afoot.”

“What’s he trying?”

“He brought a number of bottles of whisky. Very old he says, very expensive. I didn’t recognise it. There was this strange bird on the label. An eagle I think.”

“Was the eagle sitting on a branch?”

“Yes! As a matter of fact it was. How did you know?”

“My word! That is Glenfergus scotch! Hasn’t been made in thirty years. The very best. You can’t get it anywhere.”

“Regardless! You can’t sell our principals for some old hooch!”

“Glenfergus is not ‘old hooch’ my good man. But regardless; it behooves us to go down, explain things and accept his hospitality.”

“Fairfax! Where are you going? What about everything you said about new money?”

“My dear Smithy! If new money can buy Glenfergus it can’t be all bad. See you downstairs!”


Written for Trifecta Week eighty-two.