Picture it and Write: The Message

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!

The Message

Will was still in his dressing gown when he noticed the envelope on the rug by the door. He had already walked by there on the way to breakfast so it must have arrived while he was eating.

He picked it up and examined it. His name was written with a light, flowing script. There was no stamp; it must have been delivered personally. He broke the seal and removed the card that was inside.

The front of the card was quite stunning. It was a drawing of an eye, emerald-green , looking out right at him. There was long streaks of yellow running from the eye down the rest of the card, it was as if it had been crying.

Will opened the card. Inside there was a picture of him, grainy but unmistakeable. It was from yesterday when he was at the restaurant with Cassie. Along side the picture was a short verse.

I have got my eye on you
No matter where you go or do
You cannot hide, you cannot flee
For you have thought to cheat on me
With some big breasted little trollop
If I see you you’ll get such a wallop
You’ve probably guess that we are through
But I’m not yet finished with you


“Oh shit!” said Will. He could have sworn he saw something the night before but Cassie had told him he was probably just being paranoid. Well, now he knew he hadn’t been.

Will’s mind turned with justifiable reluctance to what exactly Brenda had meant in that final line. Of all the women he had gone out with over the years Brenda had added a whole new level to the catagory, jealous. That it was probably justifiable in his case was hardly here nor there. Revenge from Brenda could come in any number of unpleasant forms.

There were her brothers for a start. All above six foot, ex army, MMA enthusiasts. None of them had liked him very much either, they would happily knock several different kinds of crap out of him over this. That he wasn’t lying in a heap next to his broken-down door meant that they had not yet been informed but it was still a possibility thought Will with a shudder.

Brenda was able toย  her own revenge though. There were those rumours about an ex from school who had suddenly left town after they had a public row. Details were all a little sketchy but the word was the poor lad could not sit down properly for half a year.

Will flinched suddenly. There had been a bang from out in the street. Probably a car missstarting. But Will was far too much on-edge to feel relief.

“Yes!” He said to himself “I was wrong, I cheated! But do I really have to go through this? She is just leaving me in agony to wait for whatever cruel revenge she had planned for me. I wish Brenda would just get it over with already.”

Will would come, very soon, to regret that particular wish.ย