The World Ends

by joetwo

I was working away on my PC when the power suddenly went. I could see people in the opposite building wander around, their power had gone as well.

I tried to make a phone call but there was no signal.

Other people complained. The outage must have gotten them too.

I took the stairs down to ground level. Outside was chaos. The traffic lights were down and there had been several crashes. A policeman was trying to use his radio but it wasn’t working.

“It’s fucking happening!” I heard Jason; a friend from astrophysics, running and shouting. I stopped him to ask “What’s happening?”.

“A solar flare! An eruption from the Sun. A massive one has hit us! We thought we were prepared but it was bigger than we thought. This is Eighteen Fifty Nine all over!  I was tracking it until we lost the satellite.”

I paused him for a second “Sorry! Lost the satellite?” Jason turned wild eyes at me “Listen to me! This is big. Everything in orbit is gone. Power-lines and cables are melting all over the globe. We may never figure out how bad the damage is!”

He ran off leaving me to contemplate the news.

In the distance I could see smoke rising.


machines are useless

against the power of nature

mankind’s empire falls


Written for the ligo haibun challenge