The Lights in The Sky

by joetwo

What are the lights in the sky?

Some think they are the souls of those long gone, guiding us. Others that they are lights from heaven.  I don’t know, not after what I’ve seen.

It all began with a new light in the sky. This one was fast, racing across the night sky in only a few short minutes. The priests thought it was an omen of something but they couldn’t tell what it was.

We saw another light. This time it was a blazing streak of fire passing over, the sound was atrocious, many thought the sky was falling. Instead there was a loud noise and a column of smoke in the distance. A day later he arrived.

He looked different but we weren’t concerned. We thought he was foreign.

He looked injured, nothing visible but he’d grimace in pain.

He kept busy. Though he didn’t know our language, through gestures and example he showed us new ways of doing things. In return we gave him a little food and a place to sleep.

At night he would sit in the square  and look up to the sky. Whenever the strange light appeared overhead his eyes would follow it in frustrated longing.

After three months, I watched as he gazed at the light in the sky when I heard him give out a cry of anguish. Looking up I saw that the light had changed. It had grown brighter, almost as strong as the moon. Then it started to fade. Within minutes it had faded beyond sight. His face showed hopeless horror.

After that his spirit failed him and he died before the new moon.

We buried the body in the forest, along with some trinkets he had with him.

The elders asked from then that we keep the story, and mark the position of the grave. For though it may be that he came from very far away, his kind made the journey here once.

They may well do it again.


Written for Trifecta week eighty-one.