Picture it and Write: Victim

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s Picture it and Write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


It was a cold winter’s night and the all-pervasive fog surrounded everything. The lights were few and diffuse through the murk. This was not a night to be out on the streets of London yet a lone figure paced through the cobbled streets.

There was the click-clack of heels against the stones and the swish of fabric on ground. The figure moved with a determined pace, a white umbrella held aloft by white gloves to ward off the possibility of rain. The fog kept everything else shrouded and in the murk, something stirred.

From behind the figure there came the sound of other steps, lighter, a faster pace. The figure began to move faster. The softer steps raised their pace too.

The figure turned a corner and moved down through an alley. There was a low whistle like an early-morning bird. The other steps broke into a run and a dark shadow broke out of the fog. The figure in the dress started to run, the other made chase. The two steps moved down the alley, the former losing ground, the other getting closer, closer.

There was a hand, a glint of a knife. The figure in the dress spun around, dress flowing back to reveal arms, covered in hair. A deep voice “Ere! What are you tryin sunshine?”Β from a bearded face, wrapped in a blonde wig. One strong arm grabbed the pursuer by the collar the other took hold of the knife. “Up to a spot of mischief were we?”

From behind three more figures emerged, wrapped in heavy greatcoats and topped with bobby helmets. More hands grabbed at the struggling assailant, there was the click of hand cuffs. Two of the bobbies lead him away with the line “You’re nicked!”

Constable Grant, in the dress and wig stood uncomfortably holding the knife for evidence. His colleague, standing rod-straight took a look at him and said “I hope everything is alright now madam!” Then sniggered.

Grant had enough of this “Listen ere! I’ve ‘ad enough out of you! Next time YOU be the victim!’