Eve’s Inheritance

by joetwo

“You know you want to!” It said, its black coils wrapping around the ripples of the bark. Sandra was confused, the snake, was speaking to her.

“You can’t deny it!” It said, seductively, temptingly. It reached a join and passed it’s head back towards Sandra “Just think of how it will taste, so succulent. Perfect on a day like this.”

Sandra looked at the fruits weighing down the branches. They were ripe for the picking. It’s right! she thought They do look nice!

It moved closer, its ebony head almost in her ear. “Who will miss just one? There’s plenty there for you to take a few. Go on! Nobody will know.”

Sandra pursed her lips and looked hard at the fruits and into herself. She knew she shouldn’t. But they were so tempting. Breaking under the strain she lifted a hand and began to twist one of the low-hanging fruits.

There was a shout from behind. Sandra turned to see a man running from a nearby farmhouse “Thief!” he shouted “What are you doing to my fruit?”

Sandra turned back to ask advice; but the serpent had gone.

Evil serpent plots

To repeat it’s finest work

Original sin


Written for the weekly ligo haibun challenge.