Picture it and Write: Vengeance

by joetwo

Hi all! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


You don’t mess with a witch. If there is any rule that can be said to be universal around this neck-of-the woods that has to be it. You just don’t, you don’t even think about it, thinking about it is enough, a great deal of unpleasantness has come from thinking about it, so you can imagine how nasty it can if you actually did something. Jennifer Oldman should have known better; she had been taught the lessons the same as the rest of us. You might be inclined to ask her what she was thinking at the time. But then again, Jennifer doesn’t talk much anymore.

It might have conceivably been accidental. But then the whole village knew Fluffy, the witches familiar, eight pounds of demonic fur and muscle who regularly terrorized the local wildlife. It was a clear enough day, no and the road was straight so there was little chance that she didn’t see Fluffy. But whether she say him or not, she did not stop and Fluffy was sent to the all you can eat bird buffet in the sky.

Jennifer must have known what she did, what it meant. She didn’t try and apologise, make amends, maybe that could have prevented it but we will never know. All we know is that approximately fifteen minutes after Jennifer’s car drove off the body of the late Fluffy disappeared into thin air.

Those that watch for such things reported that there were strange noises and lights in the deep forest after sun-down that evening. The horses were restless,  dogs refused to keep quiet the whole town had a sense of unease. And at exactly fifteen minutes past nine that evening, a sharply dressed man appeared, as if from nowhere on the main street.

He looked around, giving those few witnesses enough of an eye to make sure they would have the good sense to keep quiet about what had happened. He then made his way to MacTurcaill’s the local hotel and pub.

Jennifer worked there as a barmaid most nights and she was serving when the man walked in. We’re near a main road so there are often strangers coming in for a quick bite or a place to sleep. Jennifer treated him no differently then all the other men who had walked in over the years, flirting just enough to guarantee a big tip.

When he introduced himself as Jeremy Jennifer could tell this one was different. The talked to her not at her, he sounded genuinely interested in what she had to say. They chatted and she became more transfixed by him, especially his eyes. He had a predator’s gaze, one that fixed on to whatever it was after, this time it was her. Try as she might she could not ignore his eyes. She found herself succumbing to his words and at the end of the night he suggested she join him in his room she nearly jumped at the chance.

What happened next has been largely pieced together from what some witnesses saw and heard as well as Jennifer’s sporadic testimony. Jeremy went up first as Jennifer had to clean up the bar. She rushed the job and within a half and hour she was at his door knocking gently. He had already changed into an dressing gown and nothing else. They kissed and Jennifer started to undress.

When both and shed all that they wore something odd happened. Jeremy’s expression turned, he scrunched up and started to cough,  a hacking cough. Jennifer was concerned and was about to ask him if he needed anything when a black-vile substance spewed out of his mouth right into her face.

It was followed by a clear liquid and much, much more. In front of a mortified and terrified Jennifer Jeremy released gallons of liquid. He dessicated in front of her eyes.

What happened next was even stranger, so strange that Jennifer was not even able to describe it fully. What we know is that she ran naked out of the room and another guest could have sworn he saw the shadow of a cat on the closing door of a fire exit.

The room was a mess but there was no sign of Jeremy. Jennifer could only repeat something about a cat, it was Fluffy, back from the dead.

Doctors examined her and found that the delusion of resurrected cats was so deep in her mind she was a danger to herself. She is now in a very nice room in the hospital too drugged up to say much more about it. The real world thinks that she’s crazy, we know better.

Of course we won’t tell. Jennifer Oldman brought it on herself, she should have been mindful. It would be a danger to have her around. After all; you don’t mess with a witch. That is the number one rule.