Picture it and Write: The Demons of the Deep

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again; the picture is not mine I only use it for inspiration, this one is credited to Jeffrey Smith. Anyway! Enjoy!

The Demons of the Deep

In days long ago, men would go upon the waters with great fear. For the sea was vast and dark and filled with terrors. Countless men were lost to the depths and the Demons of the Deep would feast nightly on the souls lost to the ocean. They thought that it would last forever. They were wrong.

In time; the ingenuity of man marched forward and with their new tools they were better able to ensure safety on the water. With map and compass and bigger and better ships they were able to sail further and faster than they ever had before. Before long the only people lost at sea were the foolhardy or the incredibly unlucky. The feasts of the Demons were greatly reduced.

There was great debate amongst the Demons about how to put things back as they were. Many ideas were suggested but none showed promise. Expect for that of one demon known for his cunning. “If Man should choose to use these tools on the waters” He suggested “Let us use them against him”

Thus started the Demons’ greatest trick. Across the globe they ensured that from time to time the tools of man would fail. The compass would point astray, the engine would fail, the light beacon on the rocks would go out, phantom lights would lead to danger. Many ships and their crews were lost to the Demons and their trickery.

Such was the Demons’ cunning, they never struck any one place too often. The leaders of Man saw no pattern so they thought they were just accidents. In fact so much greater was the use of the sea due to their tools that the leaders of Man shook off the failures of a few as “The cost of progress”.

To this day the Demons still hunt the seas of the world seeking fresh souls on which to feast. All the modern gadgets; all the technology, still can fail, can still send people to their deaths. When it happens people blame design flaws, glitches in software, what they like to call ‘The ghost in the Machine’ but there is no ghost. Rather it is the very real and forever hungry masters of the sea

The Demons of the Deep.