Luck of the Draw

by joetwo

“Well! Are you going to call or raise?”

I look across the rug at Gloria. Her raven-hair flowing around the golden skin of her neck sparkling in the firelight. She has that cheeky grin on her face that she knows I cannot resist.

I check my cards, exhale loudly and respond with “Alright! I call! King high.”

Gloria grins at me and shows me her cards “Read it and weep! Two pair! Hand em over!”

I stand and start to undo my shirt! I knew that Gloria had a good hand because the stakes were so low. One thing that I have come to know about her after all these years is that she always plays strip-poker to lose. If she had had a bad hand she’d have bet everything and lost, happily.

She deals the cards, the same grin never leaving her face.

“Lets set the bets” she looks me over “At trousers.”

I leer at her with a lascivious grin on my face. I know Gloria makes it a point of wearing as little as possible during our games, easier to lose. She has been hinting throughout the night that she has nothing on beneath her black skin-tight dress. When that comes off I know I would not be able to control myself much longer.

Gloria looks at her cards and with a wink announces “All in!”

I know then she has nothing and respond with “Ok then missus! What have you got!”

But she doesn’t show her cards because at that moment, at that exact moment. There is a wail from upstairs. The baby is awake, and we’re parents again.

We look at each other and start giggling. “Do you want me to go up?” I offer “Joey probably just needs to be held for a bit.”

Gloria shakes her head with a sigh and tells me “I better do it!” As she passes me she lays a hand on my shoulder. I can smell her perfume. “It shouldn’t be long. Wait for me here.” She moves slowly enough out of the room that I can appreciate her backside as she leaves. A backwards glance tells me she knows I looked.

I look around for something to pass the time and notice the dining table with the remains of our romantic dinner.

I get up to clear it away but not before again checking my cards. Two kings and three sevens; a full house. My luck was with me tonight. I think. But then again, I look at the door my wife just left, it always has been.