A Mishtake

by joetwo

Those of you who say that you can always believe what you see have obviously never drunk as much as Jim Harrison. Jim would regularly see things that were not there while on his meandering way home after a drink or seven at his local. He had to admit that this new hallucination was a little unusual. It was a sphere, a shiny metal sphere and just hung there like a metal sphere shouldn’t in mid-air about a garden’s length from him. It didn’t talk to him or try to steal his chips. But rather just floated there keeping pace with him in a deliberate manner. Jim didn’t like this; something had to be done.

He turned to the appartition and shouted at it “Hey you! You’re not doing it right! You’re shupposhed to be telling me shomething important!”

The sphere didn’t say anything but its surface changed the silver reflection was replaced by images, moving pictures. It was fantastical, like nothing Jim had seen before. It showed vast cities, creatures that he had never imagined in his wildest dreams. Jim couldn’t believe that his mind could come up with this.

“Lishten here!” He said to the sphere “I don’t know what you’re playing at But if you don’t get back to the regular programming I’m going to get very upshet!”

High above the Earth. A technician turned to the commander of the Sirian diplomatic mission “Sir” It said “The subject refuses to acknowledge the probe’s existence, how are we to proceed?”

The commander wasn’t happy but he had to follow protocol  “You know the rule! If there is no coherant response from the first subject tested we have to mark the planet as uninhabited by intelligence and move on. Withdraw the probe.”

The sphere vanished without so much as a sound and Jim nodded to the empty space. “I don’t like that new hallucination”, he thought to himself, the old ones were a lot more entertaining. “Give me pink elephants any day!”;


Written for Trifecta Week Seventy-Seven