Picture It and Write: Embarrassing

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write for Ermilia’s Blog here. Once again the picture is not mine I only use it for inspiration. Anyway enjoy!


There was a feeble knock on the door and Joe opened it and peeked his head around. There stood a young bundle of nerves poured into a rental tuxedo. He held flowers in his hand and it was shaking so much that petals were constantly falling off. Knocking on the door was too much for him and with Joe looking on the boy was dumbstruck, only fear in his eyes.

Joe took pity on him and decided to say something “Jason! Isn’t it?” That was enough to snap him out of it and he was able to mumble “Ye-Yes! Is Katy ready?” Joe smiled slightly and went to the stairs and shouted up “Katy! Are you ready yet? Jason’s here!”

There was some mumbling and a muffled shout followed by heavy footsteps. Collette, Joe’s wife, stuck her head around the top of the stairs and shouted down “Katy’s nearly ready! She’ll be down in five minutes tops! Don’t just leave him standing there Joe; let him in!”

Joe opened the door and beckoned with his hand. Jason nearly stumbled over the threshold and stared back at Joe with a terrified grin. “Come into the kitchen.” Joe directed “Would you like a cup of tea?” Jason shook his head in the negative while he walked to the back of the house.

Joe; never taking a refusal of hospitality seriously added enough water for two while Jason walked around the spacious room. “So what school do you go to Jason?” Joe tried to make conversation “St Kildea’s! It’s our Debs tonight.” Jason responded, slightly more at ease, he came to the back wall “There are a lot of photos around here Mr O’Hara”

Joe started to pour out two cups of tea “Call me Joe! I never got the hang of ‘Mr O’Hara’. Yeah we have a lot of memories here!”

Jason looked closer at one in particular “Is that a baby in a bowl of cereal?” Joe brought over the two cups of tea and offered one to Jason, who took it without comment. He looked himself to jog his memory “Ah yes! That one! That’s Katy!”

Jason chuckled a little “Really?” Joe nodded “Yeah! It was! She must have been about seven months old at the time. We had that on a small table in the living room” Joe mimed the approximate size for Jason “Collete was changing her one afternoon and the second her back was turned, Katy was inside the bowl trying to eat the cereal. We just had to take a picture.

“We actually took several. On the second she had already done a huge sh…..”


At the door to the kitchen stood Katy, a vision in a light purple dress and Auburn hair, her eyes filled with rage. “What are you telling Jason? My God! You can be sooooo Embarrassing!” She grabbed Jason by the hand and dragged him away from her father. He barely had enough time to put down the cup safely before he was out the door.

On the porch Collette helped Katy put on her shawl and searched through the bouquet for the flowers that hadn’t been shaken too much while Joe had a quick word with Jason.

Joe glanced back to his daughter revealing a face that if looks could kill would have garroted him, sliced him into pieces and dumped the remains in a ditch. “Good luck son!” He patted Jason on the shoulder. “If she gets too much remember the photo and you’ll be fine.”

Before he could say anything else, Katy had Jason by the hand again and was pulling him down the garden path. All Joe and Collette could do was wave, embrace, and await the drama when their firstborn came home.