An Opportunity

by joetwo

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I know that some of you are sceptical, some of you think that this will do you no good. Well; in a way you’re right. For only you can make your own destiny only you can bring yourself success.

“You see; inside each one of us is a door, a door that opens to your inner selves and allows you to reach your full potential. I can’t open that door for you, only you can. Only you can find the inner strength that makes anything possible”

It continued on like this, the sharply-dressed man spinning his wisdom while the crowd listened, enraptured. Well; all the crowd except for Jimmy and Anto, up in the gods. Jimmy was long-term unemployed and Anto was skivving from work in solidarity. A friend had bought Jimmy tickets to hear the talk in hope of forcing him to do something with his life. Jimmy saw it as an excuse to have a few drinks with Anto. Together they sat, each with a can of cheap beer in his hand, talking to themselves.

“Hey Anto!” Jimmy whispered, loud enough to get looks from other listeners “Do ye have any idea what this gobshite’s talking about?”

“Not a clue!” Anto replied between sips “Near as I can tell he’s been talking for twenty minutes but still hasn’t said anything.” This got a shush from two rows down that the pair made it a point of ignoring.

“It seems to me!” Jimmy pontificated as he placed another empty under his seat “That this guy is just being paid to look good in a suit and spout any old bollix to whoever is thick enough to listen.”

“You’re right there Jimmy!” said Anto to keep in the conversation.

“I bet you that anyone can do this!” Jimmy raised his new can “There’s always plenty of thick people around. I bet that even I could do it!”

“Are you sure about that?” Asked Anto; smelling another scheme

“Sure! Watch me!”


Written for Trifecta Week Seventy-Five