Keep Going

by joetwo

Ben and his daughter Susan made their way along the abandoned road. There was no one else. No signs of life at all. Even the grass alongside the road was slowly dying, just like everything else they had come across before. This was a dying world, but Ben had Susan to take care of,ย he had to keep going.

As they walked under the smokey-dark sky Ben’s eyes darted around trying to pick out anything suspicious. So far there had been nothing. This was a good thing, the last time they had met other people it did not end well.

Occasionally they would find cars left standing there on the road, out of fuel and abandoned. Ben would leave his daughter well back while he would investigate, just to make sure that everything was clear, and if there might be anything worth scavenging.

It was behind one such car that Ben found him. Coming around he saw the boots first; as if waiting in ambush. Ben waved at Susan to hide and took out his gun. Whatever he was going to find; Ben would be prepared for it.

He needn’t have worried. The body was long dead, there was no colour left on skin draped over bones. A quick glance told Ben what he wanted to know. They body had not been stabbed or shot from the looks of it, that meant there was not anyone liable to shoot or stab them in the vicinity, for now. It seemed like it had just collapsed there from exhaustion and hunger, common enough causes of death now.

The body itself had nothing useful on it, even the clothes it had died in were so rancid that Ben couldn’t bring himself to touch them. Instead he left it where it was and calling to Susan quietly he directed her around so she could not see and headed back down the road. They had a lot of ground to cover before nightfall. They had to keep moving.


Written for Trifecta week seventy-three.