Dear Felicity

by joetwo

Dear Felicity,

It pains me to have to write to you, to not have you next to me, to not share your life with you. I curse your uncle, all those who endeavor to keep us apart, who seem to think that our union is not a good match. How can they deny that we are meant to be together?

I know what your uncle says is true I am not a rich man and given my calling in life as a scholar I am never likely to be one. Yet I make a decent living. Besides; money isn’t every thing. What value that compared to the sonnets I will write every morning?

I love you and I think you love me. I don’t care what your family thinks and neither do you. If it were up to them you would be paired off with some monied reprobate who has no idea how truly special you are. You deserve better than that.

It will not be easy, I know your family has influence and mine can be no help. It will have to be daring and quick. We must be off and eloped before they can react. Once the deed is done in God’s eyes there would be little they can do to undo it. They may complain, disown you. We will be fine; we will have each other.

But I find myself with cause to pause. I know that you have designs on the perfect wedding and itΒ would hurt me to know that in our rush to wed I would forfeit your most treasured dreams. The thought of causing you even the slightest pain is enough to make me wish for some alchemy that can banish notions of being with you

But I know in the end it is our being together that really matters and from whatever humble beginnings we shall make the epic narrative of our lives together.

I await your response in anticipation.

Your servant in love


Written for Trifect week seventy-two