by joetwo

James walked down the street with the air of a man not used to wearing a suit. He was going for an interview, an entry position in the bank. Money had been getting tight lately. It was important that he get this.

He had prepared for days, researched the role that would be expected of him. He felt he was ready; it was his time.

James was about halfway when he felt a drop on his head. In seconds there was a torrent of rain falling from the sky. James had trusted the weather forecast and was out with neither raincoat or umbrella. He was soaked in seconds.

The rain stopped quickly. Enough water had fallen to leave large puddles on the ground. James passed too close to the crossroads while a truck was passing and there was an almighty splash. Muddy water was thrown over the bottom of his trousers

He went into a nearby pub and tried to dry himself under the hand drier. It didn’t do him much good but the warm air made him feel a little better. The barman was not pleased to see James straight out of the toilet and insisted that he order something if he was going to use it. James tried to get away with coke but the barman insisted on something “stronger”. James had to make do with a quick whiskey and whisked out into the street.

Needless to say; the muddy trousers; still damp clothes and smell of alcohol meant that James did not get the position. He was dejected and instead applied to the hardware store on the edge of town.

Within three months James was so run off his feet in the bustling store that he was barely able to catch the news about the banking collapse and impending layoffs sector-wide. “I’d hate to be working in banking!” said one customer, grinning.

James agreed. It had been a lucky escape, even if it didn’t seem like it at the time.


Written for Trifecta Week Seventy