The Plague

by joetwo

It started with a single case. Uncontrollable mood swings, pustules on the face. The effects were horrific, everyone was terrified, they all tried to stay safe, keep clean, but it soon spread. From the school into nearly every household. It was relentless, no one was spared.

As the news became widely known a panic took over the excitable which then came to infect even the most calm of individuals. Doctor’s surgeries were over run, pharmacies were sold out of even the most basic medicines. There was fighting in the aisles such was the desperation of the people.

When medical science failed people turned to less conventional sources of healing. The churches all showed record attendance, especially remarkable considering how people how feared one another. A faith healer out to sell snake-oil did a roaring trade. When nothing else worked everything was worth a try and a secondhand anecdote of success was as good as a cure to some.

The oldest in the town had seen this before. They had seen the signs and had tried to warn the people but had been ignored. “Besides” they said “No one had died. This was something you just would have to live with. It would get normal again in the end.”

No one believed the elders. This was just too horrible. They could barely stand the two weeks it had lasted, how could they live through the five years the elders said it was likely to go one for? It was too much to ask. Their town used to be peaceful now it was a nightmare.

Some said it was a poor choice, that it would only end in tears. But they figured they had to do something. The mayor issued an ultimatum. Any child found to be acting like an adolescent was to be banished immediately. With gods will and a lot of luck that would be enough, they hoped that would be enough Their last hope against this insidious menace.

A plague of teenagers.


Written for Trifecta Week Sixty-Nine.