Joe’s Adventure: Day 4

by joetwo

Waking up on my fourth day. I could sense what could best be described as a change in the air. That undefined air of coldness, of change coming. I tried to do what any self respecting man would do in this situation and ignore it but the sense refused to go away.

I only realised when I went to the lobby of the hotel to eat my breakfast that I discovered what the sense had been trying to warn me about. It was snowing.

Being Irish and thus unable to handle the very idea of snow and with the added incentive of my recent experiences with snow on my outbound flight, I was in no mood to handle this white shit falling from the sky. With increasing horror I watched as the couple of flakes graduated to a full blown flurry, turning the sky white.

Thankfully; it soon abated but though the snow may have been gone, the cold was still very much in presence and I had to wrap myself up in my coat while I made my way through the windswept streets of the campus.

My earliest impressions of America has to be the sheer vastness of it. And it was today where that size became most apparent. Being driven “just a little” way out of where I was working with some others for lunch. Involved traveling through what can best be described as a labyrinth of roads, motorways and little side streets. It quickly became apparent that to walk that distance may have taken me at least half an hour, probably longer.

There is no doubting it. The car is king where I am. I’m not entirely sure what was going through my head while I planned this trip. But not renting a car has to have taken on the aura of a big mistake for me. Sure enough they drive on the wrong side of the road, and it is very much the fact that I wouldn’t have a clue how to operate an automatic, or know my way. But the fact is I have been very contained in this trip.

My journeys have been marred by the restriction of walking only as far as the concrete barrier of the nearby motorway. I am dependent on the complimentary bus and people who have been far too generous to me to get to and from where I needed to be. Without them, this trip would be considerably more of a pain.

There has been a game changer this evening. Another colleague has shown from the land of Ireland and he does have access to a car. With increased mobility tomorrow, which also happens to be my last day in Pennsylvania should be a more on the move day.

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