Joe’s Adventure: Day 3

by joetwo

Jet lag has still not totally abandoned its vice like grip upon my good self and I found that I still awoke rather early today. With over an hour to kill before I was required to report myself to my place of work. I decided to indulge in my favourite past time; swimming.

It was with joy that I found that my hotel was equipped with a pool albeit a small one. I am used to a 25 metre one from home so I found that I would crash into the sides before I could turn properly. I love the feel of the water and it is the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning. Good exercise too!

It was thus so incredibly refreshed that I made my way into the company campus and got down to pretending to work. But enough about the real reason I am here, what happened after?

They seem to like me here, or at least tolerate me enough to be work with me. As a result they decided, at company expense, to take me to dinner.

It was another place with Grill in the name but this time served mainly fish as opposed to meat products. The place was unusually busy, with a birthday party winding down by the far window and a constant flow in and out through the revolving doors. While we pondered the menus our waitress employed a technique that I as a lounge boy only had heard of in service industry legend. The flirt and grab.

It looks simple but is anything but. You have to exude just the right amount of flirtiness without seeming to come on too strong to the customer. Then while he (or she for that matter) is ordering you interject with mild taunts and teases to get them to go for the next size up, to buy that extra beer. The skilled practitioner can double the value of the order through these means.

Our server really had game on this. I didn’t feel like extras, I already had a large lunch, yet one look of those eyes had me ordering the extra large portion and the soup to go with it. The thing is I knew what she was up to but what can I say? You have to watch a master work!

As a result of corporate generosity and one damn good waitress. I have now eaten one of the biggest meals I have ever tackled. This has left me weary somewhat and it has only added to my general travel fatigue. Sleep now calls to me. Then I will be, hopefully, able to tackle whatever day four throws at me.


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