Joe’s Adventure: Day 2

by joetwo

As I gradually prepared myself for the real purpose for which I had been sent over here (Blogging about it is a distant second) I couldn’t help but hear a light rattle against the window. Knowing an ominous sign when I heard one I was reluctant to open the curtains to look outside but my curiosity got the better of me and I opened them.

What my eyes beheld would have driven a more believing man to have started to build a boat and break into pet shops to take two of everything. The sky was pouring down, literal torrents of rain fell from the sky, coating all and sundry. It was biblical in its proportions. And I had to go out in it.

Or did I? It turns out that the company who was paying the bills also have a complimentary bus set up for taking visitors to their campus from my hotel. This kept me reasonably dry but also let me get away without hiring another taxi, my wallet liked that.

Our journey took us to what at home would be considered a pretty major artery. Probably here it would be too. It teemed with traffic, possibly more heavy goods vehicles than I have ever seen. Bigger ones too. They plowed along the tarmac, liberally smashing into puddles and sending  out waves large enough to engulf  smaller vehicles heading in the opposite direction. This made me glad I decided not to drive.

After a couple of hours of work I am not at liberty to discuss, myself and two of my new colleagues ventured once again out into the rain in search of sustenance, this time of the lunch variety. Fitting into a small car we drove our way out through the teeming rains and ending up in scooting distance of a small restaurant. The words ‘grill’ in the name told me that this was going to be one of those quintessential American experiences, the steak house.

Surrounded by onions and thick cut chips the steaks were indeed wonderful, though perhaps the dollop of cheese on top might have been a little too much for my delicate constitution. However most of my attention was directed out into the road outside.

Through the showers we could clearly see that a police car and set up shop to use the restaurant as a hiding place to pounce on unsuspecting dangerous drivers. It was fascinating to watch as car after truck was stopped by this industrious officer of the law. As we left the man driving made absolutely sure to drive in the straight and narrow leaving me to muse that perhaps that was the reason behind this particular madness.

Returning to the business’ campus we found that the divine deluge was already starting to weaken. Occasional forays outside found that the rain had gradually started to die and the final journey back to the hotel was taken in almost dry conditions.

As the sun sets on another day the clouds have mostly departed and the sky has taken on that clearish quality those in the know tell me is more typical for this time of year. Long may it last.

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