Picture it and Write: Waiting

by joetwo

Hi all! This is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s blog here. Once again the picture is not mine I only use if for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


I first spied him sitting at the bar in the arrivals section of the airport. He was about my age, attractive in an unremarkable kind of way, and had a look of someone who had no business being there. As a subtle outwards sign of his inner turmoil I noticed that while one hand was wrapped tightly around his glass the other was playing on the glass bar surface, moving back and forth, making shapes, seeming for all intents and purposes to not want to be there.

Yep! The perfect diversion while I was waiting.


“Is their flight late?” a voice came from nowhere, shocking me out of my inner monologue. A woman, a very attractive woman sat in the chair right beside me, her face looking right at me expectantly.

“Excuse me?” I asked. She giggled “The people you’re waiting for, their flight. You must be waiting for someone and you seem to be here longer than you want to be so they must be late. Am I right?”

“Actually no!” I answer hoping to add enough of a sneer to drive her off. It seems to have no effect on her, she looks on, her eyes demanding more. “I just flew in here an hour ago. It is a connecting flight and I will be back out in another three hours. I decided to wait here.”


I have to say I found him a little confusing. “But that means you will have to go through security again! There are plenty of places to drink inside departures. Why did you want to drink here?”

He answers me in an accent that I can’t immediately place, but definitely foreign or at least foreign-born, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he said “It’s embarrassing!”

I have had my fair share of strange ancedotes. So I would not be one to easily shock or embarrassed. “Really?” I say “Try me!”


I don’t what possessed me to open up to her. Maybe I wanted to really explain it to myself. “At home, in Ireland, I spend a lot of my time on the internet. I’m a big fan of blogging, really into online games and just love the idea of talking and sharing interests with people from all over the world.

“Through all of this I have gotten to know a great many people. One of those” I stretched my hands out “Is from right here in this city. She goes by the online name of CityGirl83. But that is all I know about her. Not her name, not what she looks like, nothing else.

“But I know her if you know what I mean. I’ve been her friend online for over two years. We have chatted, held debates, argued opinions even consoled each other over losses. She is as close to me as anyone I have known in the real world.”

I exhaled deeply as if a weigh had just been released. Then I continued “Anyway. My job had sent me to Texas for the last two weeks and I found that the flight back stops off here. where she told me she lives. So before I went I sent her a message, just for her saying that I would be here, in this bar, right now and that it is her choice to meet me. So here I am; waiting.”

As I finish my mind started to work. Imagining how pathetic I must have sounded. I expected her to start laughing. Instead she just sat there.


I couldn’t believe it! It took me nearly half of his story to figure it out. This was him! This must have been Jimmy1984. Finally, in the flesh. And what flesh. He looked a lot better than than the pictures he had sent me. It took me a little by surprise, in a good way.

I reached into my bag, to find the phone that still showed had the last message my alter-ego received from Jimmy1984 when he started talking again.

“You know!” he started “I just listened to myself and I can’t believe that I let myself act like this! I mean, I don’t know her, we never should even have the opportunity to meet if it wasn’t for some freak schedule at a travel agency. Who knows what she could be hiding, or what she is really like? Or what does she think of me? What if she was to walk into here now? What would she think to see me? Maybe she walked straight out again? Maybe she never even thought about it. Maybe she isn’t even from here?

“There is so much I don’t know, so much I can never know. Not when you only know someone as pixels on a screen. The more I think about it the more come to realise that maybe I should just keep this woman on the net, where she belongs, where she can be anything to me and I can be anything to her. I can then keep real life to meeting real people; like yourself. What do you think?”

What was he saying? I was right here. Could I reveal myself after triade? Should I? Should I just walk away and let his worst-case scenario play out like he expected? My mind was running at a mile a minute.


I thought for a second I may have been far too emotional. The woman looked for a second like she was about to cry. Her composure returned quickly however and she said “You know at the start I was thinking that you sounded romantic, on a quest for the woman for you. But after you said what you just did I have to say that I agree with you. How can you get to know someone like that? The best way to get to know people is in real life.

“I don’t know if this CityGirl83 or whatever it was will show. But I tell you; if she doesn’t show, I will keep you company until you have to catch your flight. Deal?”

I nodded in response and called over the barman, asking for a refill and whatever the lady was having. While we were waiting for our drinks she stuck out her hand “I’m Grace by the way. Pleasure to meet you!”

I took her hand “Seamus! The pleasure is all mine!”

Our drinks arrived and Grace lifted her glass and said “To real life. So much better than fiction.”

I lifted my glass in salute “You never know what you’re going to find.”