Picture it and Write: Inspiration

by joetwo

Hi there! Here is my offering for this week’s picture it and write from Ermilia’s Blog here. Once again the picture is not mine I only use if for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


The gods that rule human affairs each have their own particular role and function in heaven. The role of Angus, the god of foresight and prophecy, was to write the dreams of mortal men. The dreams from Angus were meant as a message about the future, everything from who you were going to marry to when a certain river is about to flood. Mainly the dreams were for people of little importance and as a result fairly straightforward so most of the time, Angus got one of his minions to take care of the fine details. However, on occasion, someone important enough would come around for Angus to take personal charge of the situation. One such person was Rose.

Rose didn’t know it but Angus had known about her since the beginning of time. Angus had foreseen that she was going to be the love of his eternal life. Not only that, she was going to be one of the rarest and most precious beings in the whole of creation, a mortal who, for their actions, is immortalized and joins the gods as one of them. A real keeper. The formation of a new god is such a rare event that Angus’ foresight could not make out how it was going to happen. Instead he decided to help prepare her for every eventuality the only way he knew how, by writing her dreams.

Every night, as Rose would go to sleep, Angus would write dreams onto the blank canvas of her soul. As his pen formed the images of people and far flung places, they would come to life and play out inside her sleeping mind. As an added touch; Angus included himself in everyone of her dreams, always looking different, gods can take on every shape they want, but each strangely familiar. Some nights he would be a warrior, rescuing Rose from a ferocious monster, other nights he would be sailor, taking her to the edge of the world, and occasionally he would be a wise old man, showing her the secrets of the universe.

Rose herself, found these dreams very unusual and occasionally disturbing. She would ask the others in her village if they had dreams like hers and when they said no she would describe what she had dreamt. People would listen enthralled to the fabulous tales she would tell about monsters, and journeys to foreign lands. Strangely enough; no one had ever told tales like that, conversations around campfires used to just be local gossip. Rose’s stories were a surprise hit.

People would come from far and wide to hear of the unusual dreams that Rose had had. Some villages even sent young men and women to learn off her tales and how to tell them. Over time these stories became known across the world. A great many people tried the art but Rose was acknowledged as the master storyteller.

Rose lived for many years, respected and treasured for her gifts but she never found a man for herself instead all she could think of was the man in her dreams, the man with many faces but a way to looking at her that was constant and eternal. She longed to meet him.

Age soon enough got the better of her and Rose died peacefully in sleep. That was when the miracle happened. There was such a outpouring of grief from all who Rose knew and even more who she had touched with her gifts that the heavens refused to let her pass on. Instead she was elevated into the house of the gods to join them. There was much rejoicing and celebration at the new arrival but Rose, reborn in her immortal body, only had eyes for the person she instantly recognized, her companion through years of sleep.

Rose is still there to this day. She was proclaimed goddess of storytellers, the partner and companion of Angus. Together they make dreams that both educate and inspire.

So the next time you dream and feel the need to tell others of it. Take time to give thanks to those heavenly dream-crossed lovers for sharing part of their gift with you.

# Author’s note: This story is linked to a series that I have have been telling at storytelling events for quite a while now. I have only written two of them down in my blog, those is ‘A nifty idea‘ and another story with Angus called Editing dreams. You might want to check them out.