Doctor Joe: Agony Uncle 2

by joetwo

Ask Doctor Joe, the Agony Uncle who can solve all your problems*

Dear Doctor Joe,

I have been out without problems to all my friends and colleagues for three years now but I have not yet come out to my family. My Girlfriend says that I should go and tell them but they are very religious and I just know that they will react badly. What should I do?

Nervous Nancy


Dear Nervous Nancy,

It is a good thing that you wrote to me Nancy because this is a problem that many people out there have to face. The fact that you have said that your coming out was “without problems” is a prime example of how far the world has come in accepting you for who you are. And who wouldn’t accept the idea of two women who are in love, who like to kiss, not to strongly, lightly at first, just like…….Ahem! Where was I?

You say that you know how they will react but are you so sure. Bigotry is often the result of ignorance and fear. They may make pronouncements but they may have no idea about the lesbian lifestyle. I would bet when you tell them and they see how happy you are with your girlfriend they will soon embrace the idea like anyone would embrace the idea of a well manicured hand lightly fondling a breast, maybe a little squeeze, gently moving down……….. Excuse me!

I know you don’t want to rock the boat Nancy but the reality is that a relationship based on lies is not healthy for either party. If you are confident in who you are and they love you they will have no other option but to accept you. There may be a risk with this but for the sake of your happiness I urge you take hold of the situation much like you take hold of your lover, two bodies intertwined, writhing together, shuddering…….. Pardon me!

The very best of luck to you.

Doctor Joe

P.S. If you happen to have any photos or videos of you two to send to me I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

*Editor’s note: This may not actually sort out your problems. For the love of god don’t follow it!

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