Picture It and Write: Hopeless

by joetwo

Hi there! This is my offering for this weeks Picture it and Write on Ermilia’s Blog here. Once again the picture is not mine I only use it for inspiration. Anyway; Enjoy!


I look at the empty table; a glass in either hand. She is gone, as is her coat and any other trace of her.

I look around hopeful. Maybe she had gone to find a more secluded spot amongst the tables before the place got too full. However a perfunctory glance tells me that she must have high-tailed it.

I sit at the high table her gin and tonic on the table and my head in my hands. It happens every time. I get the courage to talk to a woman and she runs out on me. Not even that, she concocts some diversion to send me away. As if I was some sort of deranged loser who is too dangerous to reject outright.

Maybe I came on too strong, or not strong enough. Maybe I shouldn’t have talked too much about myself. Maybe I should have just listened. Juliet from the office says that I am a brilliant talker and I hardly say a word to her, I just let her do the talking.

But I just can’t help it! I have so much to say. When I got the chance I just had to keep talking.  No matter how it went down, I spewed forth my life story in a deluge of words. I couldn’t help it. I’m hopeless.

Maybe this is just how I am destined to end up? I will be all alone. No one out there for me. No one who will be able to stand me.

Why did I even think it would be a good idea to go out? That anyone would want to talk to me. Sure I might be well-dressed but still, I’m no oil painting. No one else here is looking at me. The one who did I scared away.

I think I should just leave. Finish my drink and go. Get a take away meal for one and try to make the most of single existence.

I could do well with it. I have my hobbies, a great many friends online. Some are even women! Whatever I was looking for I would never find it here. I hear a voice behind me

“Excuse me! I saw the woman you were talking to walk straight out the door after you went to get a drink. I think that is very rude of her. I’m Catherine by the way. I know you have an extra drink. Aren’t you going to offer me one?”

I gesture at the empty chair and a vision of a brunette sits in front of me.

“I am curious what could put off a woman like that.” She leans in close “Though I warn you; I am not so easy to get rid off.”

I grin back and all thoughts of hopelessness and singledom are gone.

Perhaps I might just give it one more try!