First Day

by joetwo

It was the first day of my governorship when I had them brought in.

I first thought it was going to be a bitch of a task to track them down but in the end it was surprisingly easy. These guys were just ordinary folks, with regular jobs.  That they were ordinary made things even worse, at least in my line of work  the moral ambiguity is the order of the day.

I had my most trusted lieutenants do the initial ‘questioning’.  I have to say; they know their work, they really do me proud. Carlos’ skill with a pair of pliers is legendary. And Ivan! When he hits hard bones don’t break; they shatter. I was confident that when I  made my way to the small jail, our captives would be sufficiently, passivated to give no problems.

Carlos assured me that they were all still alive when I entered the small cell, but each of them looked in a sorry state. It was hard to make out features through all the bruising and missing eyes, but they were unmistakable.

I pointed to the biggest, Jack Lynch, slumped in a chair and motioned Carlos to wake him. Too weary to scream, he could only weakly protest his innocence.

I asked Carlos and Ivan to leave and kneeled beside him. “Hello Jack!” I said, “Remember me!” He looked confusingly at me, “Come on! I’m sure you do. Remember John Williamson, who used to play around here? Remember how you once had some ‘fun’ with him? Remember what you did? I certainly do!”

I hadn’t gone by that name in years; not since I ran away all those years ago but it brought back a flash of recognition in Jack. He tried to say something, maybe an apology. But I hushed him. “Not now Jack. It is far too late for that.” I got even closer to his head and whispered in his ear, “I’m back now Jack! Welcome to your first day in Hell!”


Written for Trifecta Week Sixty-One