by joetwo

When I young there was this girl. Sally was her name. She was gorgeous, a real stunner. Always doing well. She was the most popular person in school. Many claimed to despise her. But I’m sure they secretly admired her. I know I did. I thought she was everything in the world, she was a goddess to misfits like us. She never so much as looked at me though, except when she needed something.

She went out with Jason, the head of the athletics team, a match beloved by the gossips. He was handsome and rich, his father owned half the town. They always seemed to be together, all smiles with her arm wrapped around his, dragging him around. He adored her, more than anything, always spending money on gifts for her. She made it a point of telling everyone how much she was in love and how they were to get married. She was destined for things outside here, you could tell. Jason, on the other hand, was fated to stay, to take over his father’s empire.

She finished with school and like so many of us made her way to college. Jason stayed, he had work to do. Their first parting was bitter-sweet, declarations of  love and how they would make it work.

Within two months Sally called it off, declaring that she shouldn’t be expected to keep a long distance relationship at her age. Within a few weeks she was seen around campus with a new beau, some rich fellow from the big city. It was like that for years after, she inveigled herself into high society and became a darling of the paparazzi, regularly pictured with some banker or playboy heir.

Jason wasn’t so lucky. He took the break-up hard. They found him at the wheel of his car, pills and a stolen bottle of Whiskey in his hands, and a note, saying that he never knew, could never have guessed, she would be so hollow.


Made for Trifecta week 32, make a post with the word, Hollow with the meaning or “Lacking in real value or sincerity, or substance; false for meaningless.”