Picture it and write: Home

by joetwo

Hi everybody! This is my offering for this weeks picture it and write from ermilia’s blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, it is used for inspiration. Anyway, enjoy!


Jason watched as the star burst over the edge of the new world. The intelligent windows immediately shaded, preventing the glare from blinding him. As the light slowly arched over the blue, white globe below him, Jason floated motionless, his eyes drinking in the scene. He like the view from here, he liked here period.

There was no one else around to disturb Jason in his revelry, a quick check would have told him that everyone else was down in the habitat, inside the giant centrifuge, celebrating the completion of the voyage. Even the rest of the children, more adults now, as if they didn’t understand what this meant.

Jason and the rest of his generation had been born amongst the stars. During the decades long journey from star system to star system searching for a planet that could support life. They had all grown up with the expectation of finding such a place. Being trained how to work the great machines of the Isaac Newton as well as how to use and understand its suite of sensors and measuring probes. Over the course of the years Jason and the rest of the children had taken their turns to walk on alien worlds trying to trace some anomalous signal from the instruments.

They had never found anything. While each new planet they approached was a source of excitement, invariably it turned out to be another dead rock, coated in poisons or blasted clean by asteroid impacts and stellar flares. They had learned much, charted most of what was out there, but they had yet to find the Eden and companions that had been their original goal. As long as he was able, Jason had spent long hours looking out over every one of these new worlds. He had been looking planets in the face from that room for most of his life, he almost he could get a feel for them from how they looked.

This planet was different however. Jason looked up the sensor data, IR worked best at this distance. The spectral lines, as well as text summaries of the analysis appeared on his tablet computer. Water lines dominated the spectrum, pretty common for planets with any appreciable atmosphere. More interesting was the clear Methane and Ozone lines. Ozone meant oxygen in the atmosphere and both oxygen and methane meant that both were being generated, most likely by some kind of life.

Moreover, Jason could sense something different from here. It was mostly blue and white, occasionally the white would part to reveal vistas of brown or green. Each pass looked different, forget life being down there, this world was alive, in motion.

The thought filled Jason with a deep sense of apprehension. If this world was as alive, as filled with life, as the instruments and his own eyes indicated, then it could be a place where men could walk unaided. Jason had been born on the Newton, all he knew were walls and bulkheads. Even the times when he had walked on alien soil he had been wrapped in an environment suit, cosseted in layers of technology. The idea of stepping out under an open sky, unprotected, scared him half to death.

That is why he couldn’t understand the acceptance of the rest of the children, how they were joining in with the party going on with the rest. They must have understood what that meant, they had been raised like he was, they must have been as terrified. The adults he could understand, after all, they were different.

Though there was one thing that annoyed him. They insisted on calling this planet Home, yet it wasn’t home, the Isaac Newton was home, that was where they belonged. This new planet had another name, a name that was far more suitable, a name that showed how different from their metallic home it really was. It was called Earth.