Picture it and write: The Tracker

by joetwo

Hi everybody, this is my offering for this weeks picture it and write from Ermilia’s Blog here. Once again, the picture is not mine, I only use it for inspiration. Anyway, enjoy.

The Tracker

I want to start off by saying that I am very good at what I do. I kind of have to be, to have been doing it for as long as I have been, over twelve years now. You need to be good and have a good team behind you. Not only that, you also need to be incorruptible. That has to be the most important thing of all.

I suppose it would help if I was to explain what it is I do. Not knowing much, you might be forgiven for describing me as a bounty hunter. But I am a lot more than that. I would be more specialised, more selective than a mere bounty hunter. You see if an individual, organisation, or the occasional government has been done wrong by someone and they can’t find or get at the person, then they call in me. I can track down that person, anywhere in the world, extract them from where they’re hiding and then return them to the injured party so that they can receive whatever justice they have got coming to them. I am a tracker and through the years I have tracked down men who’ve slept with their best friend’s wives, accountants who have embezzled mob money, and in one very interesting case, a thief.

Kate Madison was rapidly making a name for herself amongst the burglary fraternity. If all of the suspicions, half sightings and rumours (none of which stuck, by the way) in her police dossier were to go by, then she must have been responsible for a good quarter of all the high-end robberies in Manhattan in the last three years. She was doing quite well for herself and it was only through dumb luck that she went on to hit the house of Brenda Colavita, noted actress and mistress of Vincenzo the head of the Campani crime family.

Needless to say, the Don was very upset and set his boys to work to recover all of the jewellery that he had given to Brenda. The found the fence in a few hours. The poor bastard didn’t last long, if he’d have lived he would have been in a sorry state, and he quickly gave Kate’s name. The Don’s men then went to get her, only to find that she had gone without a trace. That was when I was called in.

Now I have said before that I am very good at what I do. It took me only a couple of hours to find that within one hour of the fence being grabbed by Campani’s goons, Kate’s blonde Doppelganger, going by the name of Marie Downing, got on a BA flight from JFK to London Heathrow. She had the vegetarian option I believe. Upon landing in London ‘Marie’ passed through passport control and entered a bathroom, coming out ten minutes later as ‘Charlotte Upton’, a rather fetching brunette with glasses. ‘Charlotte’ took a BMI flight from London to Manchester after which she took a taxi to a B&B in the city centre. After three hours the Raven haired ‘Louise Pickering’ then took a Taxi to Manchester Piccadilly station and boarded the three fifteen train to Edinburgh. ‘Louise’ then entered a taxi after exiting from Waverly station which took her to another boarding house near the Zoo at approximately half past eight that night. It was at that time that I was boarding my private Plane to fly to Scotland.

Ideally everything I do is quiet, unobtrusive. A fake interpol badge flashed to the staff at the boarding house prevented any interference from people who don’t know any better. They even gave me the room key, very helpful. My men stood at all the exits, keeping in radio contact to prevent the chance of her escaping. Myself and two others made our way to ‘Louise’s’ room. The key turned effortlessly, with bated breath I made my way inside.

The room was bare except for a utilitarian bed, the TV hanging from the ceiling. There was a travel bag on the floor, open and half empty. Not much, but well-chosen. No one was there, my heart half expected a further chase but there was a sound through the door of the bathroom, water running. It stopped, the sound of a towel being moved, then the door opening. My first real sighting of a woman previously only viewed through photographs and video feeds. Slender, athletic body, covered in a barely there, figure hugging shirt and black panties. Her hair, long and auburn, grey eyes, a real looker.

She paused for a second, startled, terror in her eyes, then calmed regaining her composure, a real pro. “Kate Madison.” I announced, right hand in my coat pocket, holding something heavy, “You know why I am here. My men surround the building. Escape is hopeless.”

She looked at me, then through to the two others outside the room. She then smiled. “You know. I earned a lot of money before I ran. A lot more than I know what to do with. How much would it cost to make you look the other way?”

Bribery is always their first port of call. Like I said, you have to be incorruptible to last long. “Sorry Kate. They paid us plenty to bring you in, more than enough. Besides; my name is worth more to me than you can give.”

She looked a little stunned at that. Honesty amongst people in our circle tends to be rare. But she was not easily fazed. “I can give you more than money you know” she started to move seductively towards the bed, “I used to be a gymnast!” At which point she started to contort her body, moving her limbs and back in ways that looked like they would break, all the time looking straight at me. It was an impressive display, liable to ignite the imagination of any man with a pulse. The slight gasps from behind me told that Kate had found at least two interested parties.

“Let me go” She purred “and before I leave I will show you things that you have never even dreamed of.” I smiled a little stepping back to close the door behind me, the curses from my men barely audible. She grinned seductively at me “You made the right choice. Why have money when you can have so much more?” She sprawled herself onto the bed her arms extending down to the floor. “Come here and get what’s coming to you.” I walked slowly, my right hand still in the coat, coming to the foot of the bed, her feet moving to caress my trouser leg, up, past my crotch, to my shirt. My right hand moved.

zzzzzssssttt! The taser dug into the flesh of her leg. She was knocked out, a slight smell of urine in the air. I opened the door and my men came in to prepare Kate for transport back to New York and Vincenzo. I noticed that her left hand had made it all the way to the bag on the floor. She was holding a switch-blade. Meant for me no doubt.

There was never any chance of me falling into Kate’s trap though. I’ve said it before you have to be incorruptible to last this long. And I have been at this a long time. In my years I have been to some of the seediest places that you can imagine. I have seen and done some things that would make all of the delights that Kate was planning seem like the fumblings of a blind nun.

I’m incorruptible because I’ve been to it all, seen it all, and done it all. All I have is the job, all I have is tracking. And I am very good at it.